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  1. Piazza Doro

    S> Stuffs ~

    Do you still have the Diablos ring[Hell Poodle]? If you do pm BottleDelivery
  2. Sell survival orb costume Helmet of orc hero costume Protection Crown Costume Dragon Manteau Pm Bottle Delivery, BottleDelivery, Golden Bottle Or leave message here with name and offer
  3. Hi. I've acquired 2 costumes that cant be searched on the control panel which is making it more difficult to sell (i usually type "costume" in item name box to search) are there plans to update the database for these items? if not, what would be the best way to sell these? and sorry if this is the wrong place to ask
  4. 아직도 하는 한국인 있나요? 외국애들이랑 하니까 뭔가 허전해요 ChileConCarne 귓하거나 답글 달아주세요 ㅋ
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