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  1. Aryll

    Stealth's Artbox [Closed Indefinitely]

    Holy moly!!! Stealth this is so pretty!! BotW Zelda is definitely one of my favorites (along with eternal resting bitch face TP Zelda), you painted her beautifully I hope I get to see it colored
  2. Aryll

    New player! Hello!

    Welcome !!
  3. Aryll

    Nheki Draws

    This is lovely. I adore those two
  4. Aryll

    Arcelle + Mistreil's Art Shop Thing

    I, three, welcome you to the Art Corner and weep as I only have like 3m zeny left.
  5. Aryll

    Nheki Draws

    You probably have like 100k left tho. Joa y r u so pretty.
  6. Aryll

    ~ Ecchi Ayuda~ [[>COMIC UPDATE PG 5<]]

    Talon-san is soooo handsome. (I'd call him -kun but the art corner has a very special character by that name, ask @Moozika). I know you didn't intend to but I can't help but laughing at how lost he seems to be. He's the creator of Talon and doesn't know the way to Prontera
  7. Aryll

    Makusora's Attic // D:

    Killed it with faiah so it doesn't come back. Where do you save now? I'll come visit! Should've sacrificed the sweater D:<
  8. Aryll

    Makusora's Attic // D:

    So glad to see you back, Maku! @Arya get it gurl
  9. Aryll

    ~ Ecchi Ayuda~ [[>COMIC UPDATE PG 5<]]

    Your updates are my favorite updates in the world! That looks amazing so far, loving the Howl x Seiren fluff <3 @GM Naus is a cutie pie btw ! White hair, weird hat, #MostLikelyToHaveDDDDDCupBewbs
  10. Aryll

    ~ Ecchi Ayuda~ [[>COMIC UPDATE PG 5<]]

    AHuehiufhasfoiaspofiaspfasf, its absolutely stunning!!! I'm in love! Thank you so much Ayuda! Also, mine would be a 1 tier with undergarments! Imma PM you in a bit to polish up my refs ;-; //
  11. Aryll

    ✧ Mendii's Crayon Box ✧ ░ CLOSED

    So maybe a group commission of @Arya, @Sakura Miyu and my bio? we know you miss us.
  12. Aryll

    ✧ Mendii's Crayon Box ✧ ░ CLOSED

    marry her to Primaire then
  13. Aryll

    ✧ Mendii's Crayon Box ✧ ░ CLOSED

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ I know you miss drawing the forever gold + brown Aryll and the pink + red Miyu, don't lie.
  14. Aryll

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    That will show up as your status!