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  1. So this is what you do on weekends, huh?
  2. -puts some hay in the middle of a circle of candles- lets summon him /fsh
  3. My bby Alien! I love it so much. It was very fun watching you create this piece. I hope you're really proud of it, your hard work definitely paid off! Thank you again for including me with my babies, and for adding my beloved Chirpi as well! Best of luck on this contest!!! Love Quantus x Gemini in the background <3
  4. Veeveeeeee! dat butt + - + -touches I really love it! It looks like Aryll is -VERY- excited to have all that kitty litter around her ahue! (det squat) This is further proof of how much you've improved! I'm so proud of you ; v ; Best of luck and thank you for including me in this!!
  5. Ahhh *-* so pretty guysss! Best of luck!!!!
  6. Hah! We were going to do a Summer Art Trade down at the Art Corner, but I think we should focus on this instead!
  7. I bought the "You are Purr-fect" one!
  8. I'm pretty sure it can't be animated.
  9. Ahhh ; A ; very last minute submission eh... Nevermind, I guess. The lowest file size I managed to do is 544 kb =o=
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