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  1. Holy moly!!! Stealth this is so pretty!! BotW Zelda is definitely one of my favorites (along with eternal resting bitch face TP Zelda), you painted her beautifully I hope I get to see it colored
  2. Aryll

    Nheki Draws

    This is lovely. I adore those two
  3. I, three, welcome you to the Art Corner and weep as I only have like 3m zeny left.
  4. Aryll

    Nheki Draws

    You probably have like 100k left tho. Joa y r u so pretty.
  5. Talon-san is soooo handsome. (I'd call him -kun but the art corner has a very special character by that name, ask @Moozika). I know you didn't intend to but I can't help but laughing at how lost he seems to be. He's the creator of Talon and doesn't know the way to Prontera
  6. Killed it with faiah so it doesn't come back. Where do you save now? I'll come visit! Should've sacrificed the sweater D:<
  7. So glad to see you back, Maku! @Arya get it gurl
  8. Your updates are my favorite updates in the world! That looks amazing so far, loving the Howl x Seiren fluff <3 @GM Naus is a cutie pie btw ! White hair, weird hat, #MostLikelyToHaveDDDDDCupBewbs
  9. AHuehiufhasfoiaspofiaspfasf, its absolutely stunning!!! I'm in love! Thank you so much Ayuda! Also, mine would be a 1 tier with undergarments! Imma PM you in a bit to polish up my refs ;-; //
  10. So maybe a group commission of @Arya, @Sakura Miyu and my bio? we know you miss us.
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^ I know you miss drawing the forever gold + brown Aryll and the pink + red Miyu, don't lie.
  12. Aryll

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    That will show up as your status!
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