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  1. Grateful for this bunch /lv  I love y'all! Thank you so much ;_; @29185 @Joa @Keele @Reiith @Utau @Joe @Tusketo @clark @Remzies 


  2. Do we even have zeny lmao

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    2. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      Sell something I won't be interested in then ; 0; -hugs all clothes from Lulu's-

      Speaking of Lulu's, my package from Lulu's supposed to come today and I'm much excite. /fsh 

    3. mendics


      no, no you dont, so stop buying.

    4. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      @mendics but I haven't bought artsu in a long time :<

  3. You're cute /kis 

    1. Marly


      pls, you are ♥


    2. Aryll
  4. Wictor Wictor 2 :<

  5. No D:<

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    2. Kirsch


      What was the question again? D:<

    3. Aryll


      It wasn't a question D:<

    4. Kirsch


      It wasn't? D:<

  6. 8) we won, Sauerkirsch.

  7. Spoil me and protect me from bullies forever and ever, please /lv -puts a ring on it-

    1. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      I got 3 arts AND got engaged (again) in ONE DAY?!? Hallelujah baby, it's Christmas in Spring! This bunny vows to guard you til death do us part /fsh 

  8. Aryll

    Your cover picture /lv/lv/lv 

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    2. Aryll


      Craille! /ok I'm 85% sure! 

    3. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      Oh yeah! It does look like her work. Was this ever completed?


      Man, I'm getting old ._.

    4. Arya


      Yeah, Craille did this during a raffle. I just rearranged them a bit. I remember I tried messing around with coloring it, but I can't find the files now. orz


  9. It's so nostalgic to see the Talonian in its plain image version! Noob Howru-sama has come such a long way!
  10. Aryll

    Now watch me whip.. /ho 

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    2. Aryll


      Watch him officially Nei Nei!

    3. Nei


      oh my gahd I have fans <3 

    4. Jibbu


      Grats NAENAE! /ok 

  11. Us when we do something cheeky.


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