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  1. silversrayleigh

    Nibelungen cards DG farming

    DTT nibel
  2. silversrayleigh

    Paladin for PvP vanilla

  3. silversrayleigh

    Paladin for PvP vanilla

    Brother, i forgot to mention.. for vanilla Trans woe gears. Can you share Thanks
  4. silversrayleigh

    Paladin for PvP vanilla

    Can i ask for gears for devo type palladin. Thanks in advance.
  5. silversrayleigh

    Sick of limited farming spots/ vampsmith question

    Using whitesmith you can farm at abbys3, Thana04 and Juperos core and other places with thr right equips.
  6. silversrayleigh


    I have a question. I tried always go to juperos core. But in elevator with my SL dual client.. we always warp again to the first level when im killing the guards. What happen? I tried 5 times and still in the elevator we can pass there we always warped again to the first floor. I think its not run of time.. maybe only 10mins im killing those mobs. What happen sir.. im trying to kill the guards faster. Less than 15mins from the first floor Help me
  7. silversrayleigh

    LK BB Build for Geffenia

    Is it better to use tao gunka carded on LK? and what weapon is best armor to put on it. And what combo card for muffler when using LK card on armor.
  8. silversrayleigh

    Help me how to patch

    Good Day, Can some one help me, Im stopped playing talonRO since 3 months, and im playing again,. Help how to patch this game, I already patch the RagnarokPatch.exe but not working, What should I do patch to play again talonRO. Im always failed to connect server when im opening the Talonpatch.exe. What should I do. Thanks. CLOSED.
  9. silversrayleigh

    PC>Egnigem Cenia Card and other items

    Thank you very much.
  10. silversrayleigh

    PC>Egnigem Cenia Card and other items

    Can someone help me if how much is this price these items: GEC card Sword Guardian card Violet Fear [2] LKH Sleipneir Aesp Thanks in advance
  11. silversrayleigh

    First time here to play

    Thanks again.. See u ingame :D
  12. silversrayleigh

    First time here to play

    Thanks everyone .. Love to play here.. so many players active and not afking only.. heheh O.O Can u give a some advice ..what are the items that valuable to sell? for starting zeny.. I've research TalonRO last night.. and Ive read no.1 RO.. HAHAHA.. Can i see the donation items here? Cant find the donation items before i will donate.. can u give me some ideas about list of donation items? Sorry for my english.HAHA
  13. silversrayleigh

    First time here to play

    Thank you very much.. All is clear to me ..Thanks enjoying the community here..
  14. silversrayleigh

    First time here to play

    I already read the Wiki buy I cant find that answers.. thats why I post here in the forum. meaning no 3rd jobs? One question if in woe times.. the server is lag or NO? or depends on the server? Thanks for the reply Im starting to play..
  15. silversrayleigh

    First time here to play

    Good day everyone!.. Im newbie here from this low rate server TalonRO. can u help me some ideas how this community vanro works here. 1.Is this 2nd job level only or 3rd? 2.How about the drop rate of the items/cards? any percentage? 3. Do I need to pass high novice or not? or direct to lvl 99? Im reading some guides from the forum i cant find the answers. BTW im Akh.. Thanks for the replies.