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  1. loisarc

    Advent Calendar Giveaway

    Whoa! Maybe its time to pay a visit this Christmas Season.
  2. loisarc

    The Yule Ball Encore

    Hahaha Yule Ball again!! But I don't know what was the time zone of the server.
  3. loisarc

    For Windows 8 users

    Works great GM, Thanks
  4. Nice GM!! woohooo!!
  5. loisarc

    New TalonRO Introduction Video!

    Wow! Another masterpiece.
  6. loisarc

    Spring Event 2013

    I hope costumes will fit into my chars. ._.
  7. I hope I'd met some of these Golden Porings.
  8. loisarc

    Sixth-Year Anniversary Celebration

    Yeeeha!!! Only six are lucky hahaha, but Happy Birthday TalonRO!! I'm proud to be a part of this community.
  9. loisarc

    Chinese new years 2013 guide

    What are the Loyal Bonus?
  10. loisarc

    Lunar New Year and Winter 2013

    At last.. :
  11. loisarc

    Lunar New Year and Winter 2013

  12. loisarc

    New website, databases back online!

    Woah!! Subarashi!!!
  13. loisarc

    Christmas 2012 - Antonio Strikes!

    hahaha, Yeah right, I was just confused, THx GM!
  14. loisarc

    Christmas 2012 - Antonio Strikes!

    Agreed to this one! And can you please make these Gift Boxes tradeable? Because some of the weak char cannot collect these yellow boxes and will just rely on the others that are strong enough to farm.
  15. loisarc

    Christmas 2012 - Antonio Strikes!

    Can anybody post where can we obtain different colors of boxes?? please...