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  1. Kono Yakusaku

    ☾ Ilya's Art Tent feat. Wez [Opened 2 Slots]

    Neat art ily! GAHAHAHA
  2. Kono Yakusaku

    Crimson | Color of the Season [Social & Instances]

    *bump* *hits and run*
  3. Kono Yakusaku

    Ano ang RO story mo?

    basta sa porn oh active bigla ung forum
  4. Kono Yakusaku

    Battle Ground

    i guess the past still lurks here,even if the new bloods did different, in my opinion,if u really like to make the pvp worth it? fixing some bugs would be great already, also as for the holloween pvp event? just my opinion too, one should never combine pvp to pvm,, instead of gaining a costume via pvp? since seriously they would just do that,the alternate win, make something like a title that only a winner can have,"a statue or something on pront" or a glorious weapon or something that is actually usefull on pvp, think about the strawberries and cakes? i dont really like hearing that from a rish person,u can just do it via pvm. also this just proves that ur combining PVP to PVM. so just do the stuff u can do for now, and right now is just fixing some bugs would be really nice already,, i dont mind if some wont agree but thats the best route,no need for shenanigans like costumes really,fixing the bug and that afk dudes that kills bg would be great already.a command that will put the afk dude in one minute to be kicked 2nd offence is mute 10 minutes 3rd offence talk to gms before getting unbanned,to make it more interesting is that all team is randomized,just need 10 - 16 players and u can start already.lobby room should do that to avoid the alternate win,,if u can spot a bot,i guess u can spot a chat too or a whisper so yeah thats all my opinion through it. truly yours, Kono of the crimsons
  5. Kono Yakusaku

    Tomyum Guild NT WoE [we're back]

    it was a better woe that it is i dare say.
  6. Kono Yakusaku


    i use gunslinger as main for woe or even pvm,gmc or et can be dealth with..just look for me on crimson guild. GAHAHAHAHAHA
  7. Kono Yakusaku

    Gunslinger build?

    GAHAHAHAHAHAH if ur still up for gunslingers mate?im just a pm away bro,,look for crimson guild and look for me
  8. Kono Yakusaku

    for bg equipments

    as said,,,a temporary solution,,and i know that it is a pvm server,on that contrary,this be a great reason to ask it since as said on the above."server suggestion" to make a temporary solution than to fix it all in one blow, we all want the best for the server, also we did bg and made it happen before they close it. just saying
  9. Kono Yakusaku

    Baby Sey's art :)

    i should have met you sooner....GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. Kono Yakusaku

    for bg equipments

    just to answer the question why, so i can use it on my other chars would really actually fit,due to "because im too lazy to do abbey quest on all my accounts.or probably i have another account bound item on my other account and its really hard to do so or hard to gain party" example would be i have a SM acce on my other account but i lack the bg gears. in regards to the a temporary solution? was there any revamp that happened?i didnt really notice since it all looks the same really,just some new costumes and stuffs +aegir set. a temporary solution would actually mean its a start that they look at it and try to fix it,, dont get me wrong,im really looking forward for that promise bg revamp and i know its hard to do,and i know it takes time.. a temporary solution would fit
  11. Kono Yakusaku

    for bg equipments

    what im trying to explain here is that i got 2 accounts with different set gears,,it would be nice if i could trade my other stuff on my other chars on my same forum account,a temporary solution would be much better to see than to wait for that promised bg revamp that was told that would start on,,,i dunno?last january?i happen to forgot about that...also about what u think?that it needs to be obtained by the same char that needs it?i hate to say it but you are wrong,,any char could obtain the coin and buy different category of armor or weapon.etc etc
  12. Kono Yakusaku

    for bg equipments

    due to bg being dead as of now,, hopefully, u would make the bg equipments to be "forum account tradeable" so we could atleast give it to our other chars in our own forum accounts truely yours
  13. Kono Yakusaku

    Lets Make a Random Good Story

    i got a jar of dirt