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  1. Like 2nd job 3rd job alternate i think that way better, instead changing / replace sprite in grf, when u change/replace 1 job, everyone also changed. when only individual, just like cart.. u can have the first cart and second cart So players can look more diverse Truely yours
  2. Since its been iduna update It would be nice to atleast give gunslingers a good small revamp on its sqi Instead of having monster property as its skill It would be nicer if it would be make cartridges skill or make bullets Like hunters make arrow It would make a great changes for gunslingers users They are in my honest opinion always overweighted Adding a little power to them can change the meta by adding more maybe aspd or crit chances on its sqi Or rather give a quest that can make their 2 slotted weapons too 3 slot,1 slot to 2 slots and no slot to 1 slot Much better if tc based too like talk to the cash shop npc "add slot for guns for 5 tc?"
  3. Name: gunnering Color:black with a steampunk hat Drops: western outlaw, thunder p,inferno,drifter,jungle carbine Back story A treasuring of its unique way and an outcast among all the treasure ring, wanting a name for it self he set of challenging the adventurers of midgard Ign: Kono Yusuke
  4. Name: howlring Color: white and yellow Drops: 150 coper coins Back story: When the gm's whas busy making the whole talonro world, gm howl accidentaly created a howlring by accident, not knowing what howlring was, the howlring ran off and went to midgard for clues of what he is Ign: Kono Yusuke
  5. basta sa porn oh active bigla ung forum
  6. i guess the past still lurks here,even if the new bloods did different, in my opinion,if u really like to make the pvp worth it? fixing some bugs would be great already, also as for the holloween pvp event? just my opinion too, one should never combine pvp to pvm,, instead of gaining a costume via pvp? since seriously they would just do that,the alternate win, make something like a title that only a winner can have,"a statue or something on pront" or a glorious weapon or something that is actually usefull on pvp, think about the strawberries and cakes? i dont really like hearing that from a rish person,u can just do it via pvm. also this just proves that ur combining PVP to PVM. so just do the stuff u can do for now, and right now is just fixing some bugs would be really nice already,, i dont mind if some wont agree but thats the best route,no need for shenanigans like costumes really,fixing the bug and that afk dudes that kills bg would be great already.a command that will put the afk dude in one minute to be kicked 2nd offence is mute 10 minutes 3rd offence talk to gms before getting unbanned,to make it more interesting is that all team is randomized,just need 10 - 16 players and u can start already.lobby room should do that to avoid the alternate win,,if u can spot a bot,i guess u can spot a chat too or a whisper so yeah thats all my opinion through it. truly yours, Kono of the crimsons
  7. it was a better woe that it is i dare say.
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