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  1. Name: gunnering Color:black with a steampunk hat Drops: western outlaw, thunder p,inferno,drifter,jungle carbine Back story A treasuring of its unique way and an outcast among all the treasure ring, wanting a name for it self he set of challenging the adventurers of midgard Ign: Kono Yusuke
  2. Name: howlring Color: white and yellow Drops: 150 coper coins Back story: When the gm's whas busy making the whole talonro world, gm howl accidentaly created a howlring by accident, not knowing what howlring was, the howlring ran off and went to midgard for clues of what he is Ign: Kono Yusuke
  3. Well mine is rather simple brother, compared to them? I think I wont stand a chance on winning this tbh, im just here for a message, that I alone good sir..be it able to reach her or not, I just used this event to tell her what exactly what I felt after she left, or rather I left...its just me sending a message, the story itself where never just imaginary. The title along came a stranger..was me as a stranger who landed on pyramids and took part of a wild and fun guild..there onwards I had met the most amazing girl that I could ever possibly meet in my lifetime...and hence...that angel has flown away from me, didnt have the strength to set her free, I just love her so...but im happy For her
  4. http://pastebin.com/fpNHxGjZ Ign :Kono Yusuke
  5. Ign: Kono Yusuke (The self proclaimed god of pick up lines) *crimsons AHOO!!!*
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