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  1. Buying lots of stuffs !!

  2. Buying lots of stuffs !!

    Buying : - bloody knight mid Bought ! - fang of garm (1.2m each !! Need 33pcs) - osiris accessory - cheshire cat ears costume Bought ! - Ice Pick leave offers here or pm 😊
  3. Hi, but I am leaving soon with a Gift

    Hey Ellie, I hope you had a lot of fun in tRO ! I do agree with what everyone is saying. Keep your stuffs !! Don't give them away. One day, when you return, you would be able to continue where you left off ! There's always new adventures in tRO. I wish you all the best in whatever you're doing . ~ Lyd
  4. The Starlight Soiree | Summer Social

    PS - @GM Howl : Still owe me last year playlists =/
  5. B>FoG & Celebration RIng

    still buying
  6. B>FoG & Celebration RIng

  7. B>FoG & Celebration RIng

    Buying : Fang of Garm ( Bulk ) 1m each Celebration Ring - 38m Cheshire Cat Ears Costume Leave message here or drop a pm ty !
  8. Items for sale~

    up !
  9. Items for sale~

    Bumping~ Added items~
  10. Items for sale~

    Bumping~ Ifrit Bris sold~ Still Selling or Trading Rainbow Star Costume~
  11. Items for sale~

    as stated =0 Selling the following items~ Rainbow Star Costume Brisingamen (Ifrit) (Sold) Brisingamen (Hell Poodle) Looking up for trades too ! Just drop a message if interested ! Also buying the following. +7 LK (AKAKAK) Cheshire Cat Ears costume
  12. S/T> Brisingamen (Ifrit)

    As topic stated. S/T> Bris Ifrit to either the following Bris + z = Evang (DDD) Bris + z = Artemis (TgTgTg) Bris = Artemis (AKx3) + z or offer. Also, Buying the following - Cheshire Cat Ears Costume. - Lovely Fox Ears costume (Febuary Costume box) Ty~
  13. Hai :33

    Hi hi ! Welcome to Talon !
  14. CLOSED.

    How much for Cheshire ?
  15. Exit NPC chat

    @GM Boreas : That one usually happens in mining or event quest npc that teleport / disappear away and that's what I did whenever that kind of stuff occurs.