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  1. Hello ! Add me in discord Lyd#7997 @shaddix ! I’ll invite you over :3
  2. Your presence here is even better than the Red’s high pitched voice in that video
  3. Lyderis

    Creator Guide

    Hmm... if you’re going with a party i guess stemworm garment is okay. Accessories i would suggest anything that grants either Int / dex for now then work on Celebration Rings Earning money as a brewer is possible but to recouperate for the cost of investment is going to take a while. Players only buy ranked Condensed Yellow / White Pots as they heal more than unranked. With reset npc available, i don’t see why its not possible to change stats
  4. Lyderis

    Creator Guide

    1. It depends on what you already have with all of your gears. 2. Considering playing as a new bio, its best to get these gears for PVM such as ET. - Marc in any armor - Deviling in any garment - Eddga in any shoe - Rental Excalibur ( trust me on this one) - and fill in the rest with your trusty gears =0 3. AD bomber should prioritize on Int > Dex > leftovers to any. Brewer is slightly different, it require a lot more gears and its Luk / Dex > Int dependent 4. Lif for life ! ❤️ . That's based on preference really, you could go Vanilmirth with a good ai ! 5. Farming with bio is a bit difficult though. I would highly suggest to farm using another class =[ 6. With a good homun ai and vanilmirth, you can afk level in places like orcsdun01/02 then at high orc, if not you can simply level in GMC / ET or any party runs ! 7. When you bomb high vit monsters such as Cronus / Hydro / Syren and see your damage goes sky high +_+ Oh and being able to do money shots (Acid demonstration is expensive T_T )
  5. As a lif user, how about lowering the cooldown duration to 360 seconds ? Considering mental change lasts 300 seconds, we add 1 min to that from how long the ‘buff’ duration last.
  6. my sister so pro ❤️
  7. is it possible to implement a quest check board for new world quest ? Just like the one for Abbey.
  8. Hi @GM Lance ! Ign : Meredy Scarlet Class : Biochemist Ign : Lyderis Class : High Priest
  9. I'll take all of it. When can you come online ? Sorry for the late reply !
  10. Hi! How much are you willing to sell the ebone armors for ?
  11. Lyderis


    dropping by to say hi =D
  12. Its a character bound item to begin with. You can just purchase from reward guru for 1tc (10 silvervine fruit) then go to malangdo and purchase the octopus hunting stick (8fruits). If this octopus hunting stick can be stored in kafra, players could easily bypass the 3 hours character cooldown and constantly farming the instance with 12 characters for the cost of 1tc.
  13. when can we sign up for this revamped ancient tower run ?
  14. ahahaha. so that is you !! That male high wizard who's wearing a lady's wig !!!
  15. Does this mean champs no longer cause crashes if wearing certain gear / costume to asura ? :0
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