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  1. Lyderis

    Butt Club <Social/PVM>

    I approve~~ <3
  2. Happy birthday Howl ! 

    *hands a notepad for a present*

    (Use this to write down important stuffs so you won't forget !! XD) 

    ~ Lyd


    ps - where can i purchase this ? Haha. 


  3. Lyderis

    Easter Egg Hunt - Day One

    I can't post another entry can i ? @GM Zelda :<
  4. Lyderis

    Easter Egg Hunt - Day One

    wrong post =X
  5. Lyderis

    Easter Egg Hunt - Day One

  6. Lyderis

    So I got married today. =)

    Hehe, looks like the "Grow a Howl" does exist in tRO ! Anyhow, congrats to your wedding @Sniggy !
  7. Lyderis

    Crimson | Color of the Season [Social & Instances]

    i came late for the SS session @Lieca T___T
  8. 99 def build paladin use to roll in ET and GMC before the def decay patch. SB champ is of course the best tanker for ET now due to steel body. You can't possibly expect a prof to tank right ? Some parties want to do them the quick and efficient. But of course you can have fun with other classes too. No one says you can't. As like what some people have already said here, prove yourself first and people will start inviting you to parties after they know what your capabilities and knowledge to dish out more or less equal damage to the current meta classes. Of course in here, you can't compare Artemis bow sniper with Elven bow Gypsy / Clown right ? few players who play gypsy can dish out more damage than snipers like @Lieca.
  9. Hey, You can use more of those classes instead of what you listed there ! Paladin : There's a Vamp leech paladin guide somewhere in Guides. High Wizard : With right gears and good amount of knowledge, High Wizard can pretty much solo MVPs too. Not just as a support lol. Bard / Gypsy : Who says these class are useless ? Just because you don't know how to fully utilize them, that does not mean they are useless. of course with the right build Bragi enables your High Wizard to do these with almost no delay : AMP -> SG -> AMP -> LOV -> Repeat High Priest : Heal and buff slaves only ? I beg your pardon? Try out DDD Evang and go crit build at geffenia ! Of course there are other builds in guides section that's fun too ! Champ : Tank only ? You're forgetting Asura ? Creator : Pot pitch slave ? No way. They do more than just pot pitch. AD works wonders on bio lab monsters as well high vit MVPs / monsters. Next on the list you gonna include SL as buff slaves ? They can dish out decent dps if you are geared ! tl;dr - Some classes are so much more than what you've described them to be. There's so many ways a class can be played. @Clareon : Hi train senpai (lol)
  10. Lyderis

    Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    I got some feedback in-game earlier and at least two people told me that they liked the maps. I guess it's personal preference. However, never say never. If ssome of the maps are indeed too big then we can try to find a replacement. How about moving the 5vs5 to the KVM Map ? Maybe that helps ? since its a small map There is already a chat for your BG team. Maybe you did not know about that? /battlechat I really like the guild diea tho and will see if this can be implemented. And about this, i personally felt that it would be easier to automatically switch (or enable) /battlechat when you join BG though. (or maybe make it automatically visible to everyone in your team). Not a bad idea. Some kind of voting system would come in handy for this. We can also reduce the time it takes for BG to rotate if not enough people sign up. That way you simply wait two minutes and a different mode will be on. Thoughts? This is a good idea. Lack of players registered, it will switch to a random BG that fill in the requirements of x players. How about aside from those x amount of free supplies , players can purchase them using their BG tokens ? Strictly to be used in BG only. Non consumable outside BG grounds.
  11. Lyderis

    Crimson | Color of the Season [Social & Instances]

    Bumping~ hello Crimson :3 @Lieca : Gumi always cheat on that game
  12. Lyderis

    Selling Stuffs !

    Selling the following items : - Diablos Manteau (Clean) - +4 Wool Scarf (Deviling) also, buying the following items / costume - Wonderful Beast Ear costume - Caramel Card - Proxy Skin Fragment (Deviling)
  13. Lyderis

    2018 Factory store[closed]

    Hi! I'd like to buy your yellow novus card if its still available. Ty !
  14. Lyderis

    Crimson | Color of the Season [Social & Instances]

    I see my chars there @Lieca. Photobombing pink Creo in GMC Howl, then ET ss with Hp XD I've been with crimson for awhile now and they are very, very friendly people. Not a single day was boring ! PS - Do drop by at Midgrad Camp and say hi ! PSS - Beware of Ngards ( its a rumour but hey ! could be true too ! ) ~ Lyd <3
  15. Lyderis

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 6]

    19 ign : Lyderis