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  1. Hi @GM Lance ! Ign : Meredy Scarlet Class : Biochemist Ign : Lyderis Class : High Priest
  2. I'll take all of it. When can you come online ? Sorry for the late reply !
  3. Hi! How much are you willing to sell the ebone armors for ?
  4. Lyderis


    dropping by to say hi =D
  5. Its a character bound item to begin with. You can just purchase from reward guru for 1tc (10 silvervine fruit) then go to malangdo and purchase the octopus hunting stick (8fruits). If this octopus hunting stick can be stored in kafra, players could easily bypass the 3 hours character cooldown and constantly farming the instance with 12 characters for the cost of 1tc.
  6. when can we sign up for this revamped ancient tower run ?
  7. ahahaha. so that is you !! That male high wizard who's wearing a lady's wig !!!
  8. Does this mean champs no longer cause crashes if wearing certain gear / costume to asura ? :0
  9. Since @Goyu- took 19th april, does that mean 22nd april, 3pm server time is free ? If so, i’d like to have it please. (If not i’ll take 19th of april, 3pm server)@GM Lance
  10. 🍃👀🍃


    no one looking :0


    *secretly pulls ears* 


    *runs away*

  11. =0 another song request +_+
  12. @GM LanceI think you may have missed my post up there =[
  13. Slot 4, 3pm please for my party. Ty !
  14. :0 spotted a wild Izleeeen ❤️

    1. ~Izleen


      oh nooo it's queen lydd !/kis/shy

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