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  1. Crimson - Spread The Wings! [Social & Instances]

    my first comment in crimson guild thread give me zeny please, for start up playin
  2. Stalker 1hitKO BB vs mavka Build Request

    - d. vest with str3 byorgue give 10% damage - any buckler with tatacho card, tatacho card give damage to plant monster - use pair of celeb for 150 str or use bradium ring with mantis try to reach 150 str with or wtihout buff u can reach 3-3.5m in hr
  3. Failed Connection

    i can sense a woman. am i right? xD
  4. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    mam, once i got task finding xavier.. and he's not hidden temple > north because i end up on hidden dungeon which maze with in sorry if i were wrong im newbie here xD btw thx for guide, its very helpfull
  5. Crimson - Spread The Wings! [Social & Instances]

    i should be join on kono's team, chick's hunt elite squad xD
  6. Failed Connection

    coba gan pke betternet dlu, smpe ud masuk login screen betternet nya dc in.. pke vpn bwt bypass gameguardnya aja, klo ud di login screen ente kembali pke inet indihome nya.. ane lancar jaya gan, cmn setiap mau buka client lg musti jalan betternet nya, mati in lg betternet klo ud in game
  7. Failed Connection

    om buat thread om, ini kasus cmn ada di indon doang di org mah lancar jaya btw klo ad yg resolve share di mari dong
  8. Full Defense Paladin

    guys check it, both of them have similiar gears, i bet paly from this thread shuld hav more defend (100def++) than other paly from micahchan guide rite? anyone hav any idea?
  9. Cheaper to make valk helm?

    Dang, this is real young twig 12m each.. i was bought at 6m each in 1-2 months ago
  10. this make me laugh really, many funny things happend on this guild XD Thoom : Pls jho join crowd XD
  11. Full Defense Paladin

  12. sir how much your income per an hr with your gear? stalker aspersio at least how many mastela you got for run 30min berserk potion
  13. Stalker Mavka BB/Bash Type

    https://calc.talonro.com/?caCbLbibLbhaeblababHcaagDeaaaaaaaae8eimaaaaaahkaawifZukeThTfehXfjgZtvbNtvbNeeeeaikkkkaaaabkkaaaaaabokaaah3aabaaaaaaaaafaaaaaHadaaa try this, 1 hit mavka without celeb but u need buff endow weapon and buff priest.. its worthy enough your income almost 2.5m-3m btw there is some gear mavka left on vending just promotions :v