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  1. IGN: Mythicus / High Priest / Base: 72 / Job: 38 *** Tears roll down Spero’s face as he kneels on the island pier. Glancing out into the eternal ocean, his moment of tranquillity is interrupted by the piercing pain from his blistered hands. After the events of what Spero refers to as “The Massacre”, it is a miracle he is able to maintain his sanity. However, the endless screams of the villages’ voices echoing in his head drowns out even the roaring waves crashing against the blood-stained rocks. In a moment of desperation, Spero grabs a nearby twig and ruptures one of his blisters on his hand with it. Like Spero’s tears, the liquid oozing from his hand dripping onto the ground darkens the wooden pier. Relieved the echoing screams have ceased, Spero lets out a sigh and closes his eyes. “Do you know why we named you Spero? Because it means hope!” Spero fondly remembers the time before “The Massacre”. The villages like to refer him as having the perfect family. There were the occasional arguments, but it was always resolved after a good night’s sleep. However, there was always one recurring argument – Spero’s father’s desire for eternal life and fear of losing this familial happiness. In the end, Spero’s father ventured off the island, into the unknown, in search of eternal life for the family. “I promise I’ll be back.” He says with a sad smile. Etched into Spero’s mind is also the day of “The Massacre”. The high-pitched cries for help from villages. The extreme heat from Spero’s burning cottage almost causing him to pass out. His desperate attempt to inhale, only causing more vigorous coughing, and subsequently sending hundreds of needles piercing his lungs. However, all these pales compared to what’s right in front of him. Spero’s mother fallen on the floor – her body contorted the opposite direction from the waist down, blood dripping from every orifice, and cuts littering her entire body. Yet, her eyes radiating with brilliance, as if this is not the end. Only muttering the words “Dum Spiro Spero” over and over again. With the remainder of her strength, she pushes Spero into the cottage basement. Spero opens his eyes. The excruciating pain emanating from his blister ruptured hand is causing it to tremble. Looking out into the vast ocean, Spero can only muster a faint smile and with the last of his strength utter the word “Liar.” He collapses on the pier and the cold embrace of death followed soon after. A red figure, as if his entire body was drenched in blood, with a jackal head and the grim reaper hovering behind him starts approaching the corpse. "I'm sorry, my dear son, Spero... The afterlife is the only way." As the grim reaper creaks into position to impale the corpse, the red figure – like a prayer – whispers: “Dum Spiro Spero” *** Original Screenshot:
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