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  1. Yes, indeed ma'am it is in fact, your gypsy. c]:D D-do you like it? >__>
  2. Okay this is where I'll be posting the linearts. And yes, I work too damn slow :< But hey, atleast I'm stupid c]:D Anyway, others are still in prod, I just thought I'd post this so you guys won't think I'm scamming <3 Lineart no.2 !! (had to skip lela cause she hasn't sent me refs yet :<) 4th LINEARTSU!! (okay okay, I'm slo >__>. Also, owner of the 3rd lineart didn't want me to post it for personal reasons :D)
  3. You'll be taking the last slot ma'am And also, thank you for the compliment <3
  4. ofc dear, with you, I'll have only one slot left <3 which reminds me, how do I put closed D:[>
  5. Yessir, I'll start working once I get some sleep xD
  6. Thank you for being my first customer. <3 Ofc, I would love to have you as my client. :3
  7. Thank you for the welcome. <]:D I was wondering, are my prices too OP? Hahaha
  8. Okay, so as the title says, my name is Qinn, and I would like to sell my talent for moni. Cause y'know, farming is like selling socks. But you know, only the left ones. :< So, without further ado, I would like to present you with samples of my work. <3 So uh yeah, I can also do chibi's, anime-ish style of works. But as you can see, most of these aren't finished. Mostly because I'm lazy at times. :3 (don't worry, I'll finish your commission requests. Hopefully. jk xD) Well, about the prices, well, I'd rather have it per request. Because not all projects are as hard as the other. But generally you'll be looking at something like: Pixel Art = 5m-7m/tc Chibis = 8-11m/tc Torso and up = 10-12m/tc Full body = 13-17m/tc Again, prices may still change depending on what you want. ofc, as my client, any changes you want while under contract will be free of charge. (like for example, you decided that you wanted to change the headgear, as long as it's not too gradual.) Again, my name is Qinn, and it'll be a pleasure working for you. <3 As for slots, I don't know what those are, so I'll just start by saying smth like 5