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  1. Nice, you have nice line work and good control of proportions. I would focus on trying different line weights (widths) too add dimension to your drawings.
  2. An interesting minigame event. So the players are just able to see the "cage of monsters"? The centre square for MVP vs MVP would also work for this event. The players would probably have a better view than the minority square. I vaguely doing something similar (whatever that pop quiz event was called) in the poring challenge map with players. I summoned clones (not real monsters) with a short spawn duration and people had to guess how many of there were etc. Spawn the same mob in different sizes if its not challenging enough. Event name suggestion: Jellybeans (Just like the game where you guess how many jellybeans are in the jar, super creative I know.)
  3. For @jessu Just a small update, I'm getting back into art again. I don't actively play on the server, so I don't see much use in collecting zeny. I never posted this from oct 2016...haha. I believe it was for Inktober? Boy did I fail in completing that challenge.
  4. I agree with this. Figure out the roles of the party before you jump and invest your time/zeny into a class. That isn't to say if you really enjoy playing a particular class you can't play it. You want to familiarise yourself with the MVPs you'll be killing as well. https://wiki.talonro.com/Endless_Tower_(ET) https://wiki.talonro.com/Gamemaster_Challenge_(GMC) (probably needs to be updated) Your question referred to "usefulness", High Priest would win hands down for use, simply because of the buffs and sustain they provide. However it can be stressful for a newer player who is still getting accustom to mechanics. So I would suggest playing HW, a lot of the gears (for casting speed DEX etc) are applicable for other classes (priest, sniper). It's a nice class to start MVPing (Quag, Icewall, fly wings and a vitata clip are life savers). I can't comment about WoE since I haven't played it 3478596 years. When I did, I recall spamming Heaven's Drive and Stormgust in sections in the castle and listening to obnoxious people yell at each other on raidcall. TDLR: Play HW or whatever you like (because if you're amazing at "whatever" class, you're always going to be useful in a party).
  5. While I was farming Fragment of Lord Kaho's Horns I've had a kaho card drop. Its dropped 3 times for me. The dungeon itself isn't hard to farm. I used a stalker to farm my ingredients.
  6. You don't need to level at Odin or Abbey. Solo leveling or leveling with friends you've on the server is possible too. A lot of players have just max level their rogue or assassin by farming/grinding to 99. They're farming to make zeny and not paying attention to the xp bar. You also don't need to invest into much when you're just starting out asides from GEC. Check out the rental master for rental weapons e.g. rental balista for hunter is super strong. To rent them you will need to complete hunting board quests for Bronze coins. p.s. Don't buy the kaho card from the reward guru. You can probably buy it off a player for cheaper or just farm the card in magma dungeon eventually.
  7. Brasilis Power Bowl Have you been feeling run down and exhausted? Do you need that extra burst of energy before you tackle a dungeon? Venture to the town of Brasilis where tropical fruits are aplenty, bursting with vitamins, minerals and energy! The city of Brasilis exclusively sells acai fruit to travellers and adventurers. Enjoy this refreshing, nutritious and sweet bowl of goodness. Challenges accepted: The GM Spica Challenge - Shine On The GM Kuma Challenge- Bear with me The GM Lance Challenge- Pretty Face (Technically I have multiple toppings and I tried putting the flowers in the bowl but I was afraid of the pollen falling into the mixture)
  8. kez

    End Game?

    Being able to play ro and eat a the same time, even when you drop your food and swear loudly because it almost fell on your keyboard but it just landed on your leg instead. In all seriousness, PvM would be solo-ing biolabs, Dimensional Gorge, Thor whether it's leeching or farming drops. You could fully gear all your classes, make gear for specific builds. That is generally if you have too much zeny and time. Party wise you could do Sealed Shrine, ET etc. WoE is only fun if you're playing with friends, using voice chat and there are active guilds participating in WoE. (I can't really comment on the WoE scene because I stopped 100 years ago).
  9. I think it depends on your play style. Picking a class you've never tried in an MMO is always a good start but can be a bit of a challenge (not that RO is ridiculously hard). I've always been a fan of casting and ranged classes but I have to say playing Super Novice alone is hilarious but also very versatile.
  10. Haven't posted in this thread for a very long time.
  11. Your art is very sweet. Kind of reminds me of a friend who used to play. Your snipers could be twins.
  12. kez

    Nheki Draws

    I love the muted colours in the last piece. You did a good job with the castle, the tower seems a tad tilted but it adds to the character of the castle almost being in ruins.
  13. jessu

    Misshu~ :x 🌙

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