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  1. Brasilis Power Bowl Have you been feeling run down and exhausted? Do you need that extra burst of energy before you tackle a dungeon? Venture to the town of Brasilis where tropical fruits are aplenty, bursting with vitamins, minerals and energy! The city of Brasilis exclusively sells acai fruit to travellers and adventurers. Enjoy this refreshing, nutritious and sweet bowl of goodness. Challenges accepted: The GM Spica Challenge - Shine On The GM Kuma Challenge- Bear with me The GM Lance Challenge- Pretty Face (Technically I have multiple toppings and I tried putting the flowers in the bowl but I was afraid of the pollen falling into the mixture)
  2. God bless metric conversions honey bear. Ya did gud! Much delish. Will try very soon.
  3. Is the petite hat prize the regular hat or costume?
  4. Day 19- Fortune of Dog x2 Increases max HP by 20% for Swordsman/Thief/Merchant classes, 10% for others for 30 minutes.
  5. kez

    I like the new banner :)

    1. 132


      Thank you Kez! It's an old drawing I found in my folders. ;A; /kis

  6. Something that new years-ish? And something I've been listening to a lot lately. (its summer here yo)
  7. Zuzu just chill out. I know you're passionate about your food and it's probably something to do with being Spanish but sometimes opinions can really hurt others feelings. It's a cooking contest designed for players to have fun it's not iron chef/ masterchef here. And with that being said I hope there's more delicious entries to come.
  8. IGN: kezz I decided to paint a Japanese summer festival instead of anything beach themed... -crawls into a hole from embarrassment-
  9. In regards to the signature limitations. There are other outlets to showcase the artwork you purchase or create. You could make a collage for your cover profile picture, not to mention the addition of the forum feature 'member galleries'. Just my 5 cents (we don't have 1 cent coins here :()

    1. Aryll


      Its time to let it go ~ QQ 

  10. Chilling out in plug.dj/talonro. Come share your music please :)

  11. Thanks for setting this up guys!
  12. -cries hysterically- I'm so glad this is actually reality. Thank you for all the hard work.
  13. dat pro tamtam npc and costume sprite <3 Happy anniversary everyone!
  14. Maybe it's more like a logo rather than a mascot o.o However tRO the land of hats.. The mirrored beasts in the "larger circle" are the coat of arms you see in prontera (on the flags and crests on guard's hats).
  15. Generally not a fan of carols but this is a pretty good mash up. More for NYE but still good.
  16. Just remove the aura files you copied into your effect folder. It will automatically revert to the default aura
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