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    I love watching anime,korean drama.I like to play piano and guitar..And also playing games.. :D

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  1. Yea,a High Priest help me leveling at niff for a free leech too!He help me until i reborn..(My Archer&Hunter)I was grateful that someone help me leveling..Now it become sniper..So i won't forgot his kindness
  2. what are the gear for ET?And what activities if i'm not online??Wow!social event?Maybe i'll try to join your guild next time..Its look like a fun guild!and do your guild leeching?is it for free or must pay?
  3. is this Vogue Guild is fun??What are your guild activity that you all always do??
  4. Sure,maybe i'll do iit but i'll focus on leveling other of my char..
  5. I don't know..maybe relaxing or play other char that haven't max lvl..
  6. *Agree*But my guild is leeching us for free so i join..That's why i got exp so much..And because if i'm lvling alone i'll only get a little exp.. XD Not everyone can't maxed their job lvl..
  7. My sniper is level 97/50..So where is the best place to leveling?
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