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  1. ReijiMaigo

    After death popup removal

    On most servers (if not all after first few years of playing RO) I've played, the popup that shows up after death with the option to return to save point, would be disabled by default. It would not appear automatically and would require hitting escape after death. Since most of the time we have people with resurrection in the party it's something that's pretty annoying. The popup does not event keep it's position after being moved so it can't be put on the side.
  2. ReijiMaigo

    Polacy zapraszają do The Seekers!

    Istnieje cały czas
  3. ReijiMaigo

    Polacy zapraszają do The Seekers!

    Zapraszamy do gildii, zwykle ktoś afczy w Gonryun po lewej od posągu, jakbyście chcieli się skontaktować.
  4. ReijiMaigo

    Wishlist - refine rate as minimum value

    Currently when we input refine rate for an item, the wishlist only matches items with that specific refinement level even if an item with higher refinement falls into price range. For example I look for +7 Orcish Axe[4] below 6M and there is an +8 Orcish Axe[4] at 5,5M, I'd like to get notification about it since it's better than what I wanted but still for less than I can spare. It's even more often to see carded armors without refinement at all or even at +3, so in order to find an armor with a card I would have to add it 4 times for each refinement 0-4, since it's cheap and safe to upgrade any carded armor to +4. Most likely it's only changing one "=" to ">=" in the query, so I would expect it to be introduced even in the next update.
  5. ReijiMaigo

    Option to cast lvl 1 or lvl 2 Teleport

    If any GM is reading this, I'd like to hear your reasoning for rejecting this little UX improvement. Selectable Teleport was standard on MOST private servers i've played so far and I'm a bit dissapointed it wasn't introduced here. For those saying that selectable teleport will have big advantage over fly wing, try escaping with teleport (even without confirmation) during a skill cast or right after a skill with long delay (like TU, Lex Aeterna) or when you're silenced. Teleport is still a skill, regardless of whether it has to be confirmed or not, meaning it's affected by skill delays or ongoing cast (in PvE where it's used it's common to have uninterptable cast). Teleport level 1 from creamy is teleport only, why should one confirm a skill with ONLY ONE PURPOSE? This is a design flaw from the creators of the game and it can be easilly fixed. I've played with selectable teleport for couple years and I ALWAYS HAD TO bring FW with me, both with aco class and any other + creamy card. Yes it does make it easier to use teleport instead of fly wing, but with experience it doesn't really matter, it's just annoying you have to confirm each time. Taking all into account there really is no reason against making teleport level selectable with confirmation disabled for level 1. ALL the players will be grateful and no one will really get the upper hand, it will just take down some weight from player's shoulders.