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  2. Last Men Standing is a PVM & Social guild. We're looking for open minded, free spirited players with a great sense of humour to join our ranks. We don't mind if you're inexperienced or unequipped as long as we see your will to improve and have fun. Don't have much free time to play? Not a problem! We try to post any party sign ups few days ahead to allow people to clear their schedule. So be on look out for our party sign ups when you're available. ------------------------------------------------------- Our guild activities include, but are not limited to: exp/leech, farm/drop, Eden Group, Endless Tower, GMC, SQI Seals Quests, MVP Hunting, Sealed Shrine ------------------------------------------------------- Guild Leader: Reiji Sub Leaders: Bongo, Kinyo, Lewek (currently on hiatus) Gathering spot: Brasilis Guild Page: https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/926/ Guild Discord: https://discord.gg/Kue6fM4 Time Zone: GMT +1 (Server Time Zone) Active Time: mostly 19:00-24:00 Server Time Weekdays (most of us are playing after work) ------------------------------------------------------- After joining, each player will have a small interview about game experience, gear, interests, so we could plan parties which wouldn't be boring for players and would boost their game progress. To help newbie players with getting accustomed to a very customised server which is TalonRo, we have internal guides and create new on demand. So if you're looking for chill and fun buds to play with, Send us a message or simply join our Discord!
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