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  1. ReijiMaigo

    Guide for opening Gift Box, Old Blue Box & Old Purple Box

    If it was from a looter then I wouldn't have written to my guild that I opened an OPB.
  2. ReijiMaigo

    Guide for opening Gift Box, Old Blue Box & Old Purple Box

    I am, I found my message on discord as I brag to my guild about it, it was on 18.12.2018. I had only 1 OPB, after an MVP a guildmate found and I went to slay it. I have an AOCE in EQ but we haven't been in bio 3 for few months now as I had some break and old guild broke apart.
  3. ReijiMaigo

    Guide for opening Gift Box, Old Blue Box & Old Purple Box

    A colleague gave me this link so I've decided to dig up an old thread and confirm that AOCE can be drawn from the box. I did get Arrow of Counter Evil recently from a box, pretty sure it was OPB after some MVP (the only other option to be OBB), I still have it in my storage.
  4. ReijiMaigo

    S> Lots of stuff, Kafra cleanup

    Items available are in the spreadsheet, easier to maintain. Vend List
  5. ReijiMaigo

    Cleaning out my closet

    This thread can be removed.
  6. ReijiMaigo

    Cleaning out my closet

    To much stuff to set up vends, so check if You're interested in anything. Prices will be provided on demand, I'm not gonna waste time to set up prices on all that. Name Amount Undershirt x15 Grape Juice x2000 Lemon x512 - SOLD OUT Orange x103 Piece of Cake x6 Red Prickly Fruit x1000 2carat Diamond x1 Alcohol x6 Alice's Apron x2499 Aloe x1 Amaretto x10 Ancient Lips x512 Animal Gore x346 Armor Piece of Dullahan x715 Barren Trunk x168 Bat Cage x4864 Battered Kettle x427 Bear's Footskin x1040 Biotite x16 Black Cat Doll x461 Black Hair x589 Bloody Rune x23 Blue Bijou x10 Blue Feather x34 Blue Hair x31 Brandy x16 Broken Needle x1144 Broken Sword x9251 Brown Root x18 Burning Hair x1939 Cacao x5 Cactus Needle x1260 Chivalry Emblem x18 Chrysalis x310 Citrin x13 Claw of Monkey x8 Claw of Rat x296 Clock Hand x106 Cloud Crumb x204 Cobweb x531 Cogwheel x76 Contorted Self-Portrait x59 - SOLD OUT Coral Reef x74 Counteragent x1 Crystal Of Darkness x918 Cultish Masque x1861 Cursed Ruby x21 Daenggie x21 Dark Crystal Fragment x2140 Destroyed Armor x1047 Detonator x171 Dragon Canine x3224 Dragon Horn x478 Dragon Scale x1673 Dragon Tail x2047 Ectoplasm x842 Fabric x2965 Fang x654 Fig Leaf x66 Fin x1568 Fine Sand x907 Fish Tail x2146 Flexible Tube x630 Fluff x68 Folding Fan of Cat Ghost x382 Four Leaf Clover x1 Fragment x156 Fur x68 Gemstone x3 Gin x5 Grasshopper's Leg x186 Green Bijou x1 Grit x22 Hammer of Blacksmith x1 Hand of God x1 Harpy Talon x635 Helm of Dullahan x301 High Priest Cast Armor x238 Hinalle x3 Horrendous Mouth x46 Horseshoe x6157 Human Skull x46 Hung Doll x1167 Ice Cubic x70 Ice Piece x3 Illusion Flower x22 Iron Ore x200 Izidor x7 Jubilee x2395 Lantern x867 Leopard Claw x40 Leopard Skin x40 Lime x12 Little Evil Horn x69 Live Coal x230 Loki's Whispers x1 Manacles x13 Maneater Blossom x719 Maneater Root x4031 Matchstick x28 Memory Bookmark x10 Metal Fragment x204 Miners Tool x40 Mixture x3 Mole Claw x458 Mole Whiskers x476 Moth Dust x181 Mould Powder x523 Muscovite x13 Necklace of Wisdom x20 Needle Packet x606 Nine Tails x2105 Nipper x402 Ogre Tooth x1024 Oil Paper x96 Old Frying Pan x1 Old Manteau x16 Ora Ora x3 Orcish Voucher x4627 Peridot x1 Phlogopite x6 Piece of Bamboo x114 Piece of Egg Shell x48 Pinafore x13 Pincher of Beetle x41 Poisonous Powder x3 Powder of Butterfly x4366 Pure Bradium x3 Pyroxene x23 Raccoon Leaf x941 Rainbow Shell x24 Red Bijou x8 Red Feather x6 Red Muffler x3 Reins x60 Round Shell x117 Rum x7 Rusty Kitchen Knife x8 Rusty Screw x1702 Scorpion Claw x4500 Sea-Otter Fur x13 Sharp Paper x16 Sharp Scale x38 Shell x214 Shining Scale x2 Shoulder Protector x1 Skel-Bone x930 Skull x798 Soda x14 Soft Blade of Grass x487 Soft Silk x185 Solid Husk x40 Solid Iron Piece x2820 Solid Shell x782 Solid Trunk x11 Spawn x218 Spool x4 Squid Ink x123 Star Crumb x14 Star Dust x310 Stem x726 Sticky Poison x57 Sticky Webfoot x240 Stone Heart x29 Strange Steel Piece x2 Straw Basket x2 Striped Sock x4825 Strong Branch x76 Strong Vine x174 Talon of Griffon x25 Tattered Clothes x103 Tendon x228 Tequila x19 Thin Trunk x791 Tongue x1184 Torn Magic Book x494 Torn Scroll x26 Tough Scalelike Stem x57 Tough Vines x1 Toxic Gas x121 Trunk x1280 Turquoise x7 Turtle Shell x137 Used Iron Plate x2372 Valhalla's Flower x1 Venom Canine x2842 Vodka x8 Whiskey x13 Will of the Darkness x17 Wing of Dragonfly x745 Wolf Claw x1549 Wooden Gnarl x2199 Worm Peeling x3558 Worn Out Page x218 Worn-out Magic Scroll x123 Worn-out Prison Uniform x745 Yarn x1 Yellow Plate x34 Yoyo Tail x288 Xmas Lunatic Egg x1 Let It Snow Costume x1 Anodyne x174 Armlet of Obedience x21 Brilliant Mirror x87 Burning Stone x107 Cold Resist Potion x6 Contract Of Hell x330 Dew Laden Moss x4 Earth Resist Potion x21 Earthworm the Dude x1 Fire Resist Potion x3 Holy Marble x265 Level 1 Frost Diver x4 Level 3 Earth Spike x11 Level 3 Fire Bolt x338 Level 3 Heal x33 Level 3 Lightening Bolt x125 Level 5 Fire Bolt x6 Level 5 Fire Wall x127 Level 5 Frost Diver x3 Level 5 Heal x231 Level 5 Soul Strike x175 Lovely Lotus x5 Monster Juice x1 No Recipient x1 Old Broom x77 Rainbow Carrot x1 Romance Of Girl x1 Rusty Iron x15 Silver Knife of Chastity x5 Soft Apron x122 Thunder Resist Potion x27 Well-Dried Bone x2 Worn Out Scroll x16