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  1. Fees? Well.. Rip selling things on merchant..
  2. I don't get it. You mean they would attempt to pick up every loot they see? No1 would care as long as their loot protection is on. Or what do you mean?
  3. It's not a steal if you make it "turn on/off" option. I think alchemists wouldn't mind poor newbies looting stuff around them. Low priority but why not.
  4. Can you make non-carded gear with high refinement to appear as a "x price | map| shop name" with " +X item name " below it. Currently it only works like that if there is a card inside: While below no card items there will be no info, regardless of refinement amount. That would be useful since not every1 uses the CP to look for items.
  5. Since there are a few people(or more) exploiting current buying shop system, I suggest to set up a shop zeny limit to be equal or more than a sum of stuff being bought. Pros: This will prevent people of holding a good shop spots for their needs with that trick. Cons: People might need to calc their zeny when using the buying store. @GM Boreas
  6. Well, it's a 1 minute work to fix it I believe.
  7. Sage book options in calc: Would have been fun tho.. Also can you change Baby leopard pet option. It gives 5% ASPD but in calc it's only 3% ASPD.
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