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  1. Mid June earliest, according to GM Boreas in the Dev blog Iduna thread
  2. Sweet, change will make so many fringe strategies more viable ❤️
  3. Of course the issue is a lot more complex, the example was mainly to make the point that the game is balanced for level 99. When you allow people to progress beyond that your going to favor skills/classes that scale better. archer classes scale like crazy trough their many self buffs and class specific equips, if you'd compare this to the gunslinger (who mainly relies on weapon damage and flat stat buffs) you get a situation where even an archer does 5x the damage. The main question focussed more on ASPD scaling vs skills with fixed aftercast delay (the former having a big advantage). In this case single target magic damage is just a very clear and easy example (JT and some ninja skills vastly outpreforming anything else). So as I mentioned the question was not exactly focussed on mages themselves, it was more wondering what they take into account when adressing balance of the new scaling meta they created .
  4. Your completely right, my bad. checkied to wrong part of the iro wiki. However, MATK does scale a lot harder with INT then ATK does with either dex or str (DEX + [DEX / 10]^2) vs INT + [INT /6 ]^2 (average). So the main point stands regardles of the mistake, thanks for the correction though .
  5. Thanks that quick bit of info Boreas, and indulging my curiosity :). Thanks for the bit of insight there Askein, as I mentioned I'm look more theoretical these days, didn't consider the MVP context at all. I think I used JT as an easy example though, but it extends to a bunch of other skills. More generally though, older skills more commonly have ASPD delays, while the newer ones usually have more restrictions. These combined with the easy accesibility to stats on items (e.g. its easier to max out multiple things, like APDS cast time and MATK in the JT example), makes it hard for some newer skills to compete (e.g, you can usually cast the older skills multiple times in the same time span). to give some more concrete examples; (JT vs prof double bolt, or esma), (Bowling bash VS spiral pierce) or (Musical strike/double strafe vs arrow vulcan), though some of these are less straightforward. That being said, Boreas's response covered that broader question as well, basically balance is hard, especially when dealing with the amount of history the server and ro already has.
  6. Hi guys, Let me preface this by saying, that none of what I'm about to say is intended to be a stab at the gm's in any way (the way they've kept this server both healthy and fun for such a long time is nothing short of miraculus). lets just say that in general I enjoy the theory crafting aspect of RO more than the actual playing part these days (as my time is rather limited) and I'm honestly wondering about some of the desissions regarding scaling the gm's have had to make to create the lategame that is unique to talonro. Ive been looking around for a post on this, but Have not been able to find it, so if I missed something obvious, feel free to let me know ;). The thing I'm wondering about is how they handled scaling. For example ATK is realted Linearly to either dex or str, but MatK is related in more of a exponential manner. Since the balance is based on classic ro, where we don't have acces to as much stats from our gear the balance on late game talon ro might favor MatK based characters. so we might see items such as the +30 strengh accesories to adress this imbalance. The main thing I was a bit confused about, is how aftercast delay is handled. Basically since instant cast is available, the main thing affecting the spammability of your spells on this server is aftercast delay. For most skills this has a set value (and some other limitation that i'll get into later) and the gms have been carefull with equips/cards/spells that affect this stat (by nerfing skills such as braghi, and chaging the main mvp card affecting this stat). This makes a lot of sence since makeing everything castable 3 times a second would not be enjoyable for anyone. However there are some exeptions to this limiation by after cast delay. Some skills have no aftercast delay but are limited by the ASPD of your char, thus these skills can still scale to the 3 per sec limit that is set on the server. This is made even more accecible by the availibility of buffed doppelganger cards. e.g. a wizzard can spam jupiter thunder 3 times a sec, but just having some doppel cards on his weapon and no agi). In other words some skills can scale a lot more than others (e.g. multiplicatiely indrease there dps several times). So basically I'm wondering why this differentiation is made bescause, it makes a lot of other startegies even come close to competing. I know the gm's are very busy with the new update currently, so I was wondering if anybody had an ideas about this subject. I releaze it sounds a bit negative, but honestly I'm really just interested in the reasoning behind it. As I meantioned the work they did is amazing and they sure have a lot more experience on the subject than I have. Cheers,
  7. Hi guys, I made this post because it seems like the current implementation of the super novice spirit seems to be using the renewal version rather than the pre-renewal one (not this is NOT a skill change suggestion please read on ). The main difference is that the renewal version only allows the SN to equip lvl 4 weapons after link (at lvl 97) while the pre-renewal version allows all levels to be equiped. I looked for some other sources, but old ro stuff is harder and harder to find these days, this is one though... In general I don't believe this makes the class much stronger as it has quite strong "basic" gear options. for example raplacing "Hypnotyst's staff" by "Liche's bone wand" would be a direct downgrade. But it would open some interesting itemisation options, for example "Elemental sword" and "Staff of piercing". So here is what I suggest: Allow a number (lets say 5) of interesting lvl 3 weapons , to be equiped by SN's at lvl 97. This would keep the level restriction (and thus the spirit of the skill .. ) in tact and I believe this is possible by adjusting the script of the items themselves rather than the SN spirit skill itself. Of cource this should still follow the SN weapon restrictions (one handed swords, staffs, 1h axes etc). I don't have a full list of suggested weapons yet. But if you like the idea, I can make one with some help of the extended class forum. I realize this post might be a long shot, but i figuered i'd give it a try .
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