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  1. no, that archer is an NPC who protects newbies from monsters at the entrance
  2. you have to mine to level up your mining exp.
  3. come back

    1. Jirokure


      oh my gawd how did u know!?



    2. I am Ti

      I am Ti

      I stalked u 👾

    3. Jirokure


      staph lololol

  4. A: "Anything you say can and will be held against you, so only say my name" Q: What makes you feel at ease right now?
  5. i love @Shannon Hoon's description in the newsletter
  6. for the longest time i thought it was my isp or laptop's fault so i just let it go, now knowing this makes me feel a bit bitter p/s: this thread should be revived, such nice and fun stories here ;D
  7. Joined by accident, stay for the people
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