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  1. I am Ti

    Umbrella Corp

    Hello, i'd like to join with my ninja but when i came to Splendide, i didnt see anyone from the guild there ;-;
  2. I am Ti

    Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Great guild. Very recommended.
  3. I am Ti

    Comment About The Person Above You

    definitely is a pirate.
  4. I am Ti

    Freebie Quick Sketch Draw

  5. Nice chibis. Bump for you Nini
  6. I am Ti

    Leftovers [PvM/Social]

  7. I am Ti

    Arcelle + Mistreil's Art Shop Thing

    I've been waiting for a chance like this since i'm broke but still want arts The word is: Sassy.
  8. I am Ti

    TalonRO Loading Screen Contest

    this is perfection.
  9. I am Ti

    S>Husky Hat and White and Black Temptation

    hey u still sell husky hat?
  10. I am Ti

    Ask The Person Below You Anything

    no, its not wrong of you to let go of a person who only uses you. Move on is the best choice here. Q: how is life?
  11. I am Ti

    Ask The Person Below You Anything

    @Nameless King none cuz i hate that song. Question: do you like noodles? (sorry literally dont know what to ask q___q)
  12. I am Ti

    My RO Fanart NEWX1

    @Phobear it's youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~
  13. I am Ti

    ( . )Lewd( . ) [Social/PvM]

    I like big butts and i cannot lie.
  14. I am Ti

    ( . )Lewd( . ) [Social/PvM]

    The truth is... all women are secretly or openly lewd.