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  1. B>SQI's ingredient

  2. B>SQI's ingredient

  3. B>SQI's ingredient

  4. B>SQI's ingredient

    1 x Waghnak[4] 100k ea 1 x Berserk[0] 12m 1 x Executioner's Mitten] 3m 1 x Marine Sphere Card 7m 3 x Caramel Card 4m ea 1 x Spiky Band[0] 4m 1 x Safety Ring[0] 5m 2 x Coronet 4m PM me or ingame Zesm / Dance Gavin Dance
  5. Carotene Shop

    200m 5m 15m 7m 11m 7m 25m 14m also +7 stone buckler gtb 26m 14m 30m FA Ktull 30m 3m deal 10m deal deal so total 480m deal or nah ingame name Zesm / Dance Gavin Dance
  6. SG SET Sale

  7. SG SET Sale

    Hello there this is my SG set list feel free to pm me. Megingjard x2 220m ea *215m ea +4 Eversong Greaves [Lady tanee] 150m *145m +7 ELE Book [KPSn] 65m *60m sold +7 ELE Book [AKAKkiel] 45m *40m +4 LKH 55m *52m +4 FA [Gloom] 35m *32m +7 Muffler [Deviling] 27m *25m +7 SB [GTB/ALICE] 29m/17m *26m/15m PCB 29m *26m Ears Of Ifrits [BK] 23m *20m Jaguar Hat [1] 12m *10m total price 862m/ *821m Note * is discount price if you buy 1 SET.
  8. S>enchanted armors

    dvest dex 3 sold
  9. S>enchanted armors

    update dvest agi 3 clean sold
  10. S>enchanted armors

    offer here
  11. CAR BOOT SALE! S> SN gears and others

    wahaha my ingame is Dance Gavin Dance
  12. CAR BOOT SALE! S> SN gears and others

    30k ea need 500pcs red rough 150k good 200k perfect 350k perfect blue gem 2m yellow rough 1.5m ea 5pcs good 1.8m 5pcs green rough 150k good 200k perfect 350k
  13. B> Mushika [1]

    up offer me
  14. B> Mushika [1]

    Mushika [1]
  15. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    oh fuck someone up to 330m now i have to give up damn i just hope this guy is trolling haha