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  1. Notorious X

    Hahaha thank you so much sa event at prize repa
  2. Notorious X

    Hello mga repa!!! more power sa NX guild so cool
  3. Notorious X

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I can feel the warm of this forum page :).
  4. Sign Quest part 3 4B

    GM Saen thank you for your concern but its ok now i already finished it :). thank you
  5. Sign Quest part 3 4B

    Can anyone help me please in my sign quest, im currently in Part 3 4B, I've been trying to talk to "Cursed Spirit, Ashe Bruce", he the spirit is still didn't talk to me, in wiki it said that i should not click the spirit and come near to the spirit so it will talk to me. but still nothing happen. please help me guys. - pinoy here
  6. Sign Quest part 3 4B

    can anyone help me in my sign quest part 4b, im currently stock in the Cursed Spirit, Ashe Bruce. i follow the step in wiki about the sign quest, but still there is no prompt from the cursed spirit. please someone help me
  7. Game exe is not the latest version

    Ok thank you for this one NNV, i will try it and i will let you know if it will work or not. But i hope this will work
  8. Game exe is not the latest version

    my windows is genuine. please help me GM of talonro
  9. Game exe is not the latest version

    I'll try that already bro restart my desktop but still didn't work.
  10. Game exe is not the latest version

    currently my system locale is "English (United States), is there any issues in system locale? please help me or is it possible if we can use teamviewer so that you can see what im using right now please help me.
  11. Game exe is not the latest version

    I dont have any anti-virus in my computer, also i already off the windows firewall in my pc, and also i make it "run as administrator". is there anyway or is there any alternative installer of talonro? beside of full installer or mini installer.
  12. Game exe is not the latest version

    when i open the talonro patch this i reach. and when i open ragnarokpatch.exe this is what it shows i cant click the start button of ragnarokpatch is it normal or not?, as you can see there i can open the talonro, but i cant login because it still looking for "Game exe is not the latest version"
  13. Game exe is not the latest version

    i tried to open that ragnarokpatch.exe when it become 100% the "start" still unclickable, so what i need to do after that? please help me guys
  14. Game exe is not the latest version

    I don't see the Ragnarokpatch.exe in my talonro folder, this are the things in my talonro folder. please help me with this problem i really want to play again
  15. Game exe is not the latest version

    Yes i've run that one already, but still the same problem, i also do reinstall and download but still the same prob