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    Disable Branches

    Disagree, while it may be an "inconvenience" to you, some other people may find it to be a fun part of the game. With how monotonous farming can get already, anything that inches us closer to robotic button pushing simulator is unhealthy for the game.
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    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    Is there no way to repeat the main quest on different characters of a game account to try again for the Bandit Egg? Given this thing is account bound and the chance to get it is random, it seems kind of harsh to just only get 1 chance per game account at trying to get it for use on characters of that account (I got it on my marionette control account when just trying to get the hat for looks...pet is quite useless there =/). Maybe is it possible to make it tradeable between different game accounts across a single forum account?
  3. Eddga Sleip 92m Dragon Vest [DEX+3] 28m, w/ Bathory 30m or PM offers - thanks!
  4. AFAIK whether both hands win or just 1 hand wins (and regardless of whether the weaker hand wins or busts or remains irrelevant), the end result is the same - so if we have, for example, 19 and 17, it makes no sense to stand on both, since that 17 could be hit to potentially improve the hand to 20 of 21 with zero penalty for busting. Oftentimes mathematically hitting one and standing the other is the strongest play, but the crowd all runs to 4, and I'm stuck because it's the inferior option but still has a higher probability to win vs going against the crowd. TLDR: Unless player is dealt a 21, don't go to door #4. Hit-Stand or Stand-Hit are always going to be better.
  5. Aegir shoes: Clean - 4m w/ GEC - 16.5m +7 Silver Guard: Clean - 21m w/ GTB - 42m Or send an offer. Waiting for your PM! Thanks
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    Ask The Person Below You Anything

    A: I just quit my last job to find the answer to this question, so TBD! Q: Do you like to play characters/classes in games similar or different to your RL personality?
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    What Are You Listening To?

    any fans of techno? this one was refreshing after the usual drumcode faire