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  1. Cherrioooooo! where do you people hang Thank youuuuu Thanks and it's fine! Haha I just go about random towns sadly. If I could only get my discord working again uguh !! I'm outside atm and can't check !time but the website says it's past auction deadline (?) sooo I guess you win for being the only person to bid lol. Send me the details when you can. Can't wait to start drawing again
  2. Awyllll thanks! Why is eldic so empty where mah vogu people at :c
  3. I unexpectedly find my way back to AC... If anyone is interested, I'm auctioning 1 slot for a single character commission (a4-size) No mounts/weapon/homunculus/complicated armor <-- but I would adjust if winning bid is reasonable enough to include any of these. This also applies to the background. Would be waist-up to full body depending on my mood during sketching. Starting bid is at 25m. Auction ends this coming Saturday, 13:00 server time. Little note: I haven't drawn for almost a year so idk how fast it'll get done or how it'd look like.
  4. Hi, Art Corner. Bear #2 done I don't know how to resize properly welp so I used a cropped screenshot .___. Posting this small version for thread activity
  5. *phones pest control* I won't let you take my cookies D:<
  6. Awwww, this piece puts a smile on my face XD
  7. This needs an update ./gg
  8. Welp. The Bear Series: One <3 @Bear~ I'll send you original image link later im hungry QQ
  9. Look what I found @everyone. A treasure I must say.. Hats off to this guy @My Wife for Hire
  10. @Bear~Master... It likes you too, @mendics wkwkwkwk and you touched my thread... my thread is pleased.
  11. Thank you! I noticed the brightness is different on my phone and laptop too. I can edit it if you want. Sorry it's so bad D: I'll link you original sized image when there are no longer changes to be made.
  12. D: DDDDD: image hosting site fail
  13. <.< you wet my thread with your drool D:
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