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  1. Pm me offers please
  2. The Noise

    Question about concentration skill

    Concentration applies the endure effect which runs out after either receiving a certain number of hits (7 I think) or a set duration of time (like 32-40 seconds?) It's main purpose though, is to increase damage at the cost of lowering your defense.
  3. The Noise

    Geffenia faming w/ IP[1]

    It sounds like you're currently running an auto attack build (Do correct me if I'm wrong) So the real question is; Do I want to enhance my current playing style by hitting 190 aspd, or do I want to switch it up and go for a BB Style. Do keep in mind that if you go for BB you'll have to slave yourself, which seems to be something that you've avoided doing. Also, Doppel IP will probably be easier to sell.
  4. The Noise

    Who is the deadliest ________ ?

    Archer - Archer - Aka Giglamesh. /thread.
  5. The Noise

    Newbie Rogue lookin for Help/Advice

    Sleepers is where I got my Rogue up too. It's great because you can use BB there without fear of losing it because none of the monster have copyable skills. IP can seem quite expensive if you're new, if you don't have the funds for it then I suggest using either a Gakkung Bow or a VVS Fire Damascus. The damage for both should be around the same (I think?), advantage of a bow is that you you only have to spread your stats across two areas. With a Damascus you need to run enough Dex to hit them reliably (Which will be around 47 in your case), and then the rest in str and agi, advantage is that you can carry more weight and won't have to back as often. It's not ideal, but it works, and with this method you can get your levels up and work towards an Ice Pick, at which point the map will be a breeze. Get some Shinobi Sashes for the Dex and STR bonus. Earth Deleter, Sky Delete and Zombie Slaughter cards are good too, shouldn't set you back too much zeny.
  6. The Noise

    Gear: Farming Sleepers as Assassin

    Why don't you just grab an infiltrator and go Rachel dungeon. Mob > Hide > Grimtooth > Repeat? Should be faster than killing Sleepers one by one, especially since you currently can't one shot sleepers or kill them fast at all. Hell, you could even grab double fortune swords, a carded jur and go jupe. Sleepers with a non 188+ aspd Assassin sounds pretty inefficient.. If you were an Assassin cross it'd be great with meteor assault and SBK but you're not.
  7. The Noise

    Geffenia Help?

    It's quite presumptuous of you to assume that I didn't bother to search the forums, and worse yet is that you've seen fit to post yet another comment that contributes absolutely nothing to this thread, in fact all it does is derail it. It's seriously disappointing to see, and at this point it's pretty much just an outright disservice to the server that you play on. But good on you, really, for assuming that I didn't even bother attempting to find a solution before making a thread about it, and shame on you, really, for making it seem like a crime to ask a question before spending copious amounts of time, and maybe even zeny to boot on trying to figure it out yourself. Damn. Wow thanks to both of you. I'll probably try for Tainaka's build first as it's closer to what I currently have, but there are definitely items from yours, Glaimdir, that I'll be looking to incorporate into my gears later on. I guess, but to be honest I really want to go Geffenia, and I guess that sometimes it's hard to believe that an answer you want doesn't exist when you're really hoping that it does. Although from the looks of it Glaimdir and Tainaka have me sorted.
  8. The Noise

    Geffenia Help?

    Already have. Even with Vultures Eye, blessing and level 99/70 it says that I'd need something like 50-60 base dex to achieve the necessary HIT, now for a maxed out Stalker the stat allocation for that wouldn't be bad, really. But I'm not maxed, it will be a very long time until I'm maxed, and I'm having trouble believing that only maxed out Stalkers go Geffenia. So I'm merely wondering if there's some I'm missing. Talon RO has a lot of custom cards and quite a bit of custom content to boot. There's a lot of bonuses out there that I'm completely unfamiliar with and I could potentially be missing something on as it's either specific to this server (Or a small collection of servers) or I've just never recognised it's usage simply because there has never been a need for me to consider it due to my previous server choices and Ragnarok experiences not requiring me to do so. Or I could very well have no prior RO experience whatsoever - this could be my first server, in which case trying to navigate through the calculator on my own to find exactly what I'm looking for could be mind bogglingly difficult, and I could actually be there for hours on end trying out different combinations of cards and item sets methodically so that I don't end up overlooking any potential solutions. Not to mention that the calculator says, in glaring red letters, that it isn't accurately representative of TalonRo's gameplay...awesome Or alternatively I could just make a thread, ask away, rely on the those who are more experienced than me and hope that I receive an answer instead of spending copious amounts of time trying to reverse engineer one for myself?
  9. The Noise

    Farming Rogue tips

    I maxed out my Rogue at sleepers. Didn't take very long at all, even at level 98 I could get something like 20-25% exp per hour as a rogue which is pretty good I guess? Mavkas give more exp individually of course, but in the time that it takes you to auto a Mavka to death with a weeder knife you could have killed 3, 4, or even more Sleepers, assuming you have an Ice Pick of course. Ice Pick, 110 str + Fire Endow = you one shot about 70-80% of the time with bowling bash (Which you can keep, as none of the monsters on the sleeper map cast copyable skills, unlike Mavkas.) Also it's good money, probably better than Mavkas for rogues? I think? With GEC + Ice Pick getting 100+ GN per 15 mins shouldn't be too hard, just fly wing and backslide around the map. With 90+ base str getting 115+ GN per 15 mins should be easy because of the increased weight limit. Personally I can get about 500gn per hour if I go at off-peak times and focus. (Well not right now, as my Stalker isn't maxed out and as such doesn't have as large a weight limit as my rogue used to have.) 200 GN and the accompanying loots (Once broken) tends to average out at about 1m, so it's pretty good money. Only problem is breaking, some people hate it, some people are okay with it. I don't mind it too much but you may hate it... Although some people recommend selling GN to other players rather than breaking it yourself, and instead using the time that you would've spent breaking to farm even more GN... Personally I'd rather break than farm, it's like a cooldown exercise. An easy way for you to hit 110 str would be to get 99 str, 1 Shinobi Sash and a Refined Ring (Rental item, gives +4 str, 40 bronze coins). That's what I used to use. Although, now that I think about it, because of your Burning Crown you may be able to one shot Sleepers 100% of the time even with less than 110 str. Also I think Ice Pick is a good general buy as it's useful even outside of sleepers and is effective for several farming maps. I think the only time you'll really get rid of it is if you decide to get a Doppel IP... However I am new, so you may want to take what I say with a grain of salt. Although on the flip side the fact that I'm new could very well be used to support everything that I've said, as I was in more or less your exact situation no more than a few weeks ago... Also I think Burning Bow is worth buying, it's only 400ishk and you'll definitely get your money's worth out of it. It'll be great for Stings and Dracos if you decide to make a Hunter.
  10. The Noise

    Geffenia Help?

    Hi, so I've got a level 88 Stalker and I'd like to go Geffenia Current gears are; LKH Mid/Lower Headgear = None (I'm poor :() Armour = Bathory Dvest Garment = +6 Devi Manteau (Will change to Dragon Mant Devi when I can, but right now I'm dirt poor , in fact this isn't even mine, it's a friends ) GEC Shoes Slotted Buckler (Really need to sort this out <_<) and 2x Celeb Rings (Also a friends, haha.) So after getting my IP Doppel I got super excited and decided to go Geffenia...and I missed like every other attack.... I had 159 hit with 73 STR, 99 agi and 32 + 39 dex... So I reset my stats and I literally need 75 dex to hit 202 HIT, which leaves me with only 28 points in str.. I know that you get extra HIT for each base level, so is that the problem? Is it because my level is too low? Or do Doppel Stalkers really walk around with a ton of dex? How do I solve my HIT problem without walking around with the stats of idk, a pseudo Hunter? Help please. :C Also, I don't have a priest...at all. I'm new so I haven't gotten around to sorting out all my slave characters yet. (I do have a SL and SN though)
  11. The Noise

    PC> Radiant Wisdom

    The item DB also says that it's currently vending for 20k. Sorry brah, but it's not worth a lot. =/
  12. The Noise

    First Char as Archer - Advice?!

    You get it from the Rental Master. It's an NPC near Prontera fountain, right next to the Reward Guru. To get to Stings you go to the Stylist NPC in Prontera and talk to her. - Tell her to shutup -Use a butterfly Wing - Go back to her and tell her 'You Will Pay for that' Go to the warp portal straight north and you're there. You'll need lots of fly wings and some GJ, teleport around, DS Stings from afar, teleport away from gargoyles since you can't handle them yet. If you're lucky you'll get a Sting card (Worth 2.5-3m) or even a Glove [1] (worth 5.5-6mm) The rest is just normal loot which can be sold to an NPC to sustain your Fly Wing/GJ spamming.