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  1. Is this the oldest Last Person to Post Wins thread?
  2. if impossible is nothing, then why are we chasing something that has no value?
  3. feed it at neutral.... at least 12 hours a day for week it will become loyal.
  4. I have been vending with three chars for some time now, but today, I wondered why I can't setup the third one. Then, I read that you can only have two vendors at this server.
  5. GewenG have not posted on Thursday? He finally skipped a day.
  6. 1. The SQI is the same, but you cannot upgrade it with a bonus because the NPC that gives that bonus is in Valhalla. 2. With regards to 2, I am not sure about this, but my understanding is that as long as a particular slot have not completed a quest by an NPC inside Valhalla you can use that slot to make an SQI. So if your slot1 is using an SQI that was bought from another player, that slot1 can still be used to make an SQI until that slot1 is used to make an SQI or used to add a bonus on an SQI. We are talking of weapon here. You can store SQI in storage.
  7. Vernz

    Mining revamp

    I'm fine with the current set up. You don't have to worry about that one rock left. The next miner might find it. I don't exactly try to find all rocks in a map. I bring 100 flywing, if it runs out, I go to next map. Sometimes, I use creamy clip, in that case, I just mentally calculate the time spent in the map. If I think that the other rocks is still empty, I go to next map. Try to imagine if you need to find all the rocks in the mine dungeon level 2. How crazy is that? The current setup is fine. You can even hardly fine a rock that was not mined, and that's a challenge. 3. Remove minimap so they have to walks to find the rocks , Better reason to teleport 8. Add npc where all rock need to be cleared before you can leave. What if you are there too long and can't find that one rock? You even mention to remove the mini-map. If you can't clear the map because of that one rock, you stay on the map, how about other miners? Do they have a separate map? Or everyone uses the same map. If everyone uses the same map, then everyone else can not enter just because of that one rock; and you are trapped in there.
  8. Vernz


    it happens to me when signal is very slow just try again.
  9. I hibernated for more than one year and when I came back, my clanmates made me leader again... hu hu hu.

  10. iirc, the novice ground was replaced around june last year. ok, you are level 18 by the time you finished the novice orientation, go right side of payon and kill spores and creamy until level 40.
  11. I don't know how to answer with words, so I screenshot it. I was using normal arrows and artemis....
  12. there is quest for pirate dagger...lower headgear...if you buy maybe 2m...that's atk+5 for that katar to have double attack, you need a baby chick hat...upper headgear... there's a quest for that also, but you need, I think 2 egg shell (the hat) vote and save your TC for LKH what I heard is that sinx is the cheapest to gear for geffenia farming, but that would be later... there are already many threads for that anyway.
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