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  1. spolier tag is the "eye icon". When you are making comment, there are icons at the top. When you click the "eye" another box will pop inside your compose area, paste your story inside. Did you see that ">Reveal hidden contents"? That is the spoiler tag. When you click it you can see what is inside. Pastebin is http://pastebin.com You see one of the entries was submitted with a link to wattpad? The purpose of this is to make the thread look compact and easier to browse.
  2. Title: Telescope Word Count: 3009 Author's IGN: Mantaz
  3. Entries must be either within a spoiler tag or submitted via a link to a pastebin or similar website.
  4. what you got so far? I got bronze coins from 3 envelopes
  5. first click that tiki bar link above then, in game, warp comodo the npc is just near the warper.
  6. I almost sold a fin helm[1] for 800k... It was on vend for two hours, and two other items was sold. I was lucky, the fin helm was still there.
  7. Good suggestion. But, I think to be fair, it has to wait until next event that is similar to this. We just can't change rules while game is ongoing.
  8. I'm not really sure... it should be one week... i hope we have one more day...
  9. its saturday, now... i'm not sure, but it could end tonight...8pm, ph time
  10. i got ribbons from monster race....you need to win the game...others get it from hunting board quest.. paint is from peco peco, grand peco, or spring...and its kind of rare drop.... I have the easter basket, which should boost the drop and I get 8 on average per hour.
  11. IGN: Mantaz #2 The mermaids thought I'm a lady. #3 GM Spica likes it... It was not a boss, but thank you GM Spica
  12. IGN: Mantaz #1 I heard Santa is giving away some good stuff for the newbies, so I decided to get in line. "Please Santa give me a Doppelganger Card."
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