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  1. The GMC is a challenging and end game activity. However veteran players are used to it and it is not that challenging for them. I suggest on introducing an extra bonus to the party that completes the GMC the quickest.I mean completing the GMC is not the task but completing the GMC in quickest time will reward the party. A reward like 3 TC for every player of the party that completed individual GMC the quickest in that particular month. The objective of my suggestion is rather simple..... competition with other players will make the play more it challenging. additionally you can display the names and times taken for individual GMC, like different for Gemini, different for Boreas and so on like the timed wave challenge. You may keep a rule stating that a party must consist of 12 players and any less will not make them qualify for the ranking, to prevent distinctions between 8 player party and a 12 player party. Fellow Talonians please provide your inputs on the same. PS : The same can be followed for ET.
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    Selling Thor 3 Leech service 79++ with Exp Gears. Pm my char ingame 4you/4All.