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    Fallen Disiple Guild and Comrade Guild
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    Any places at ragnarok but if you found me i'll give something to you as token of friendship.
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    Adventure, Helping low levels newbies, Attending GM event minigames, writing stories, Collecting Head gears, Collecting loots, Screenshoting, Selling trash, Talon coins and Zeny.

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    I have many character but i mostly use is Zeiniru Manara, Fake Novice, Zeiny Bank. See About me for other chars

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  1. Me at art section.

    Sees good artist.

    Check my money.

    I have no money.

  2. IGN: Zeiniru Manara Job: Assassin Cross Base Level: 98 Job Level: 70 I heard rumors that in New World there is a town with many fairies. I thought it was Splendide that they talking about because it was full of fairies in that town too but they said the town were called Eclage. It caught my interest but I do not know how to get there so I immediately ask the Kafra service if they can warp me there but they said I was not allowed to go there yet because I need to talk to the security guard in Eclage Field. I ask everyone who know how to go the Eclage Town then they said I can
  3. Yey its my lucky day!!! I just watch the stream of Jhonnny Gaming then i win some prizes.

    You can watch him herescreenTalonRO000.thumb.jpg.fda1246cb9df191e4798df5b8c73ace2.jpg 

  4. IGN: Zeiniru Manara Job: Assassin Cross BLevel: 98 JLovel: 70 "ARROW AND BULLET" Crimson and Basil are childhood friends. The two of them are always together ever since they were novices, They leveled together but things change when they took different job, Basil became Archer while Crimson became Gunslinger. Since then, They always tease each other calling Basil as "One Trick Sniper" and Crimson as "Bullet Head". They became rival, they always fight about who is the strongest. They meet Mauve who is a super novice in town looking for quest. Basil deci
  5. IGN: Zeiniru Manara @Zeiniru IGN: -Axis @Hi im L Stalker x SouL Linker Soul Linker POV I walk in a Louyang field to pick up some fruits. While walking, I saw someone lying down on the ground. I rushed towards it only to see an injured and unconscious male stalker. Stalker POV “My head hurts.” I slowly opened my eyes and saw all my injuries have been treated while I’m lying in a bed in an unknown room. “How are you?” I got shocked as I looked to my left, only to see a beautiful lady soul linker standing while she’s holding a bowl of
  6. I'm still alive 💪

  7. I want to christmas party with budots
  8. Laptop down /sob

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