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    Fallen Disiple Guild and Comrade Guild
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    Any places at ragnarok but if you found me i'll give something to you as token of friendship.
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    Adventure, Helping low levels newbies, Attending GM event minigames, writing stories, Collecting Head gears, Collecting loots, Screenshoting, Selling trash, Talon coins and Zeny.

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    I have many character but i mostly use is Zeiniru Manara, Fake Novice, Zeiny Bank. See About me for other chars

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  1. First time i livestream with my gameplay in Tro discord. I feel excited but I think i need to improve my self esteem im still shy in speaking live with other people /wah thats why i go mute because im awkward person. I'll just go one step at a time for now. I enjoy the gmevent yesterday. I'll try again tomorow./fsh

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