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    Fallen Disiple Guild and Comrade Guild
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    Any places at ragnarok but if you found me i'll give something to you as token of friendship.
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    Adventure, Helping low levels newbies, Attending GM event minigames, writing stories, Collecting Head gears, Collecting loots, Screenshoting, Selling trash, Talon coins and Zeny.

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    I have many character but i mostly use is Zeiniru Manara, Fake Novice, Zeiny Bank. See About me for other chars

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  1. I don't have any friends in Sorin but I enjoyed a lot in Zombie Run, Casino, Racas Forest, Shadow tag with Sorin. See you again in next Halloween event. We may not be same group next year but I hope we enjoy in many event to come. Thank you GMs for wonderful Minigames that you guys spend time to make to make us enjoy playing TalonRO.

    Sorin is so WIN!!!


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