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  1. Thank you everyone. Had great time baking Should I pick here or dm the gm? If I may pick here, I'd like the white one please.
  2. This is my entry, inspired by real event. My wife and I met in game in the end 2015. I know she still wants to play and all, but since we had kid she dedicates herself for our son she barely gets time to play anymore. So I figured I’ll make her something really nice that’ll bring the nostalgia. She was upset I used some of her supplies, but forgiven because it’s cute and yummy. Behold, the Talon Christmas Miracle; A poring, Baby Chick Hat, Poporing, Lunatic, Fabre (that looks like a mustache man), and the Savage Babe (that’s missing their tears and looks more like Piglet) English is not my first language, I hope this entry is understandable enough. IGN: Gajah Terbang DIRECTIONS: FAKE IN GAME STEPS:
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