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  1. This is my entry, inspired by real event. My wife and I met in game in the end 2015. I know she still wants to play and all, but since we had kid she dedicates herself for our son she barely gets time to play anymore. So I figured I’ll make her something really nice that’ll bring the nostalgia. She was upset I used some of her supplies, but forgiven because it’s cute and yummy. Behold, the Talon Christmas Miracle; A poring, Baby Chick Hat, Poporing, Lunatic, Fabre (that looks like a mustache man), and the Savage Babe (that’s missing their tears and looks more like Piglet) English is not my first language, I hope this entry is understandable enough. IGN: Gajah Terbang DIRECTIONS: FAKE IN GAME STEPS:
  2. silitlecet


    already owned it
  3. i have some problem with with yours gagal menghubungi server means failed to comunicated with server I've trying to downloading manual patch and still cant connect hope it can be fix as soon as possible
  4. hari ini server down apa ya kok buka patch malah jadi gini ada yg senasib ato udah tau cara ngatasinya share yah thx
  5. sory oot udah pada bisa login blmm ya??? kok liat di main page udah 1500an yg ol tp nyoba login ga bisa thx....
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