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  1. Azamanaza


    For a caster kasi, wala na silbi sumobra ng 150 dex. Kaya madalas 99+51... Pero kung kaya mo pa mag dagdag ng dex , for example naka +60 ka, gawin mo 90 DEX nalang, tapos yung extra points lagay mo sa INT o VIT.
  2. Azamanaza


    SINO SI DEX? As much as you can get. Pero mag aim ka lang ng total of 150 for insta cast, if caster ka (mage/priest).
  3. Azamanaza

    Is sniper the best pvm?

    I'd rather nerf Ballista R.
  4. Azamanaza

    New Filipino player, needs some guidance :)

    This server allows multi-client. With that said, heto advice ko. Starter tips: - Make a swordy/knight: Farm Straw berries at payon for early cash. STR AGI DEX build. -- Save for: undershirt / pantie / Red Blood supply - Make a Priest ( 10 heal, 10 agi/bless, 5 magnificat ) - Make a Sage ( 5 flame thrower - fire endow ) - Go to sleepers at yuno_field_06, bring all 3 toons. Goal at sleepers is to farm Great Nature. -- People buy GNs (bare minimum should be 3500) -- Or you can break them yourself by doing this quest, https://wiki.talonro.com/Ore_Downgrading, it's tedious but this nets you an average of 4k per GN. - Park sage outside (south exit), endow knight with fire element - go in with knight + auto follow priest for rebuff/heal It can get mobby but not that much, kill them according to your survivability. Knight should be level 80 or something to be efficient: - zerk potion - 2 quicken 10 - 2-h mastery 10 - bowling bash 10 - magnum break 10 Alternatively you can farm Bronze coins ( talon currency ), via Hunting Board Quest, and rent a Refined Brocca, (use same prep above) - zerk pot - magnum break 10 - BB 10 - spear mastery 10 https://calc.talonro.com/?cahbsaObmbhabaUababHeaavFaaaaaaaaae6eaaaaaaaad3aad5aaeEeOaalraafoaafqaafqaaeeeeaiaaakagaabkkaaaaaabokaaacMaaaaHaaaaa Using this farming method, you can then save up to fund your main/dream character. Rogue ? Hunter ? Ikaw bahala. Enoy Talon RO! EDIT: I don't PVP. But I believe Knights also excel at 1v1. Spear type. In GvG/Woe, Knights are usually status inflicters with stun spears, sleep spears - tapos bago mamatay, berzerk and yolo (parang Sion sa LoL haha) EDIT2: If you plan to break and sell the ores yourself, you will need a Merchant with max OC.
  5. Azamanaza

    Nibelungen Joint Beat

    Has anyone tested it's Joint Beat bonus? Combo'd with https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/4357/ ? Or it sucks. lol
  6. Azamanaza

    How much AGI to achieve a non stop attack speed? ASPD?

    I get cards that I don't need. - Grand peco peco - Anubis - I farmed at sleepers for a long time for GNs, but card never dropped there. So I third the comment on don't farm for cards. Farm for loot. Vend/Sell to players "hot" materials and NPC the rest. To determine what "hot" loot are, you will have to look around at "Buying" shops, Quest items, SQI items, Forging materials, Endowing materials, Woe consumables.
  7. Azamanaza

    new beta control panel

    Interesting. As a web dev myself, I'm interested in what stack the new panel is using. I could probably figure it out if I had the feature enabled for my account.
  8. Azamanaza

    searching leveling spot

    Thor v01 http://myrolife.blogspot.com/2016/01/cocos-thor-dungeon-guide-part-1-solo.html Though it will be difficult. I havent tried this yet, but it looks interesting, considering the guide features a practically naked hunter.
  9. Auto attacking with zerk (PVE) https://wiki.talonro.com/Lord_Knight_-_Berserker_LK_Leveling_Guide BBing things to powder (PVE) http://write.ratemyserver.net/ragnoark-online-character-guides/the-lord-knight-pure-bowling-bash-build/ For mvping, you want to go 1 handed spear - You can wear a shield - Pierce ( carded Pikes - they're cheap / Nibelung end game ) - Spiral Pierce ( hunting spear / Carled / Nibelung end game ) - brandish spear ( you can also mob and tank with shield ) * Yes, you guessed it, spear types are the most flexible of knights. Knights can also farm anywhere, though not as effective as other classes, but basically ANYWHERE. In terms of gearing, you will have to decide on what kind of knight you wanna be. - Zerkers staple weapon card is Bapho, @My Wife for Hire we have a potential believer! - BB would want Sword guardian to 1-3 shot their mobs. - Spear will be the most expensive. (MVPing, you can kit with spear boomerang lol) ERRRR, I missed the "PVP or MVP" part. You can ignore my PVE comments. :))
  10. Azamanaza

    WHO GOAT ( hugot )

    @KhimmyXD Simulan mo na. :))
  11. Azamanaza

    Realizations On Talon

    Not only are you pinoy, bisaya pa! Musta bai? Taga asa ka? hahaha
  12. Azamanaza

    Realizations On Talon

    Gawa tayong thread, titled, HUGOT. :))
  13. Azamanaza

    Realizations On Talon

    Masamang realization.
  14. Azamanaza

    How much AGI to achieve a non stop attack speed? ASPD?

    Just offering an alternative. No need to be condescending.