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  1. When you want dark mode but read some messages in white boxed lines... my eyes!

  2. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    2 ign: Erimie
  3. Gears for Hunter

    Hello again dear, sorry for the late reply, my suggestion is based on budget friendly options if you are just starting out but and you may wanna change that later on, Mos's guide has more details and more options, check it out.
  4. Holy Nostalgia....

    Hiya ZWeiss! Welcome! Thank you for choosing TalonRO, I hope you enjoy it here! The community is very helpful I bet you wont have much problems catching up~ I have recently met a friend who hasn't played RO in 14 years and shes doing so well and I know you would too~ happy playing~!
  5. Individual Voting EXP rewards

    Lol, still does not answer how you solve the flaw, seriously dont thrown in the "I use to own a server" thing here cause you dont know the person you are talking to and are you sure if I not had/have my own? Explaining to myself? Oh boy, I'm asking you questions you mostly have no response to and you are just dropping it out so you can have your newbie bonus, seems like you are the one not understanding the point here. This response made me laugh as you are even attacking the way I post, how mature, which btw I dont care how you read, do you even see me correct all my typos? You clearly didnt get the point of what I said about "how you got here" cause that "top site" is one of it, like I said advertizing works! You just proved and answered your own question of "does it work?", this is starting to get ridiculous and I wont waste any more time on a person whos contradicting him/herself. You have been misreading my questions and concerns about your suggestion."There is no incentive there. This is for new players" jezez another contradiction to the original proposal and replies.. I dont even have to explain this part, darling if you had made it clear from the beggining that you want something for the new players then make a different suggestion. "Then tell me your explanation on why this is bad long term?" YOU DONT EVEN HAVE A "LONG TERM" FOR THIS! CAUSE YOU SAID IT YOURSELF IT IS ONLY FOR NEWBIES,THEY WILL NOT HAVE USE FOR VOTING LATER ON WHEN THEY AREN'T "NEW" ANYMORE! (yes caps cause you are so contradicting yourself) Oh wait technically you arent new either then, so this shouldnt benifit you or any returning player who "forgot". Why dont we add an IP restriction with that too! So the not so new comers dont benifit! Lets request to have you out specifically cause you arent new! Perfect! (Yes, insert more sarcasm on cause you're really pushing it, sweety.) Originally you propose VOTING for exp, dude alot of as you say"end-game" players vote more than newbies and has voted long enough to put the server on top, what you really want is more accessible exp boost for those only who need it for the time being.. then your just sticking it in the voting system.. SO! Okay server owner for several years, why would you implement a system that would only be helpful temporarily and stop people from voting later on as they have no use for it? Lets be honest newbies dont stay new.. what would others do with the unused currency made only for exp purchases, soon they would ask another use for it, like Skye said. Just say it directly! Put more exp boost items in store so newbies have an option to use a weeks earned of coins for individual EXP rewards since you claim it wont be much, no need to change or add currency. THERE'S YOUR POSSIBLE DAMN SOLUTION THAT DOES NOT ELIMINATE OR ABUSE THE BENEFITS FOR EVERYONE! (but then again there's still some problems with that.. thanks to my guild mate who pointed it out. <3 ) Yah know what, @SkyeReeddont waste your time on this person anymore as you can see his defense shifts and finally admits his suggestion wont benifit everyone and apparently not for long either. Also I dont believe some of the BS being claimed~ Again I wasn't flaming you Vox, I was asking you, your solution to the problem cause it could benifit an individual, just not EVERY individual who votes regardless of status, but you were going personal. I'm done, so enough with your personal issues, before it turns ugly..er. Clearly Seiren knows what he's doing... declined.
  6. Individual Voting EXP rewards

    Again you arent answering the question, I am telling you the flaw of your suggestuon that you have been avoiding to answer, the voting reward now can benift the players with no downside the end result is only a BONUS, what you are saying is you want more for voting but it is only useful temporarily... you arent new to RO but this server isnt new either, 10 years running WITH THE SAME BASE RATE, but you seem to overlook the fact of uselessness of your suggestion on a long term view, so now again I ask you the question because it is a direct problem for your suggestion, if voting rewards become EXP for a single user who votes what will the person do with the EXP reward later on when he/she is done leveling everything he or she needs? Where is the insentive there if people have no use for it!? As to coins now there are various uses for it and it continues to add more for any character they could have hence the long term use and reason to keep voting, how much exp do you think the server could give you or boost you for not putting much effort in to playing and just clicking links for yourself?? Thats not playing thats cheating.. I dont understand how you dont see the problem your suggestion is going to make, over and over I tell you getting easy EXP will bore people who are here for this rate range. NO, it would be a problem too if they implement the kind of system you ask, thats why were voicing out the problem here to with you, and thats why there is a suggestion thread! Omg were not against the fact of getting stuff for free, who wouldn't want that? Were taking about the efficiency and purpose of your suggestion! Why can't you see this? REVIEWS get you nothing and like howrah said it is not suggested to be rewarded cause again that would be cheating someone's opinion. Does it work? Well you're here arent you?.. no matter how you got here you still found it, cause advertizing works, either through mouth ot through discovery. GMs ask reviews as favors from those who are willing! Same goes for voting, vote if you like it and want to keep it no.1, you are being reminded not forced. I'm not flaming you darling, I'm starting to get frustrated with how you aren't seeing the problem the EXP for votes suggestion would cause, as if you were ignoring it, its great that you wanna help people get interest in voting, by all means suggest something more and please think about all the sides specially the bad effects. But individually gaining exp boost for just clicking links will bore the player fast, get you nothing but levels and be useless to you shortly and make you have no use for voting. Now I'm telling you there are other ways to gain EXP rewards than just voting and waiting for a week to see if everybody cooperates, and its already in game, all you have you do is PLAY FOR IT! which is what any game really is for... thats why I said you gotta experience the server more cause it already has what you need just have to discover it. Darling, the whole point of having exp boost AFTER is to celebrate the server's achievement, not an individual's achivement, this is why the suggestion is selfish and its greedy, were already lucky to be getting anything at all. Players and GMs constantly ask to vote and should if you want to constantly have results, COME ON!? It isnt necessarily a bad thing. Take it this way, do you not constantly set achievements for yourself and just settle for what you got (obviously not cause you wouldnt be suggesting if so) when you could be the best and maintain to be the best?
  7. Used to only play mid RO's / First low rate server

    Hello chongcesar! You can find them on the Rewards Guru in prontera and you can redeem some talon coins through donation or collecting copper coins from automated events ingame as well hunting monsters on a TamTam region. As for time, that depends on you my dear, any game requires sufficient time and effort to achieve their goals, doncha think so~? I hope you enjoy it here, the community is helpful and friendly, so perhaps joining a guild would help you pass time as you build your ideal character and make new friends that can join you on your adventures! Hope to see you in game~!
  8. Individual Voting EXP rewards

    Haha I was about to say the same thing howrah said bout the RMS reviews. Also to make sense of how we get to the goals is something like what another player said on different voting suggestion, the server recieves some kinda feed back for completed votes despite still getting the coin rewards if anything happens to your connection, and perhaps also same system that helps them ban ones that always doesnt go throught with the vote.
  9. Individual Voting EXP rewards

    None of your replies address the concern of WTF will most people who have no more use for exp rewards have as their incentive to vote!? your idea for an individial reward is only for self gain of SOME and will not benefit most after a while. Like I said, you have everything you may need already layed out for you to gain faster exp, it takes effort on your side to play the game, the server will not and should not gain you more exp cause experience points need to be experienced to gain!! Everyday people encourage others to vote because it helps the server and everybody along the way, EVERYDAY GMs encourage players to make reviews to help the server gain more people to play with. Again I come to the question of why are you playing on this kind of server rate if you want easy exp? From the beggining I'm sure everyone is aware and not to mention that it is posted and advertized and as howrah has been trying to tell you that the rates are 5/5/3 the ~8 floating rates is understood as it is a possibility! It is a bonus granted for the efforts as a whole community! Your whole suggestion is tampering with rates only for individuals, scroll up from your post and read what it says not to suggest, I recommend you experience the server out more or experience the game play rather, as I can see you have just recently joined the server cause your profile says Aug 30 and probably just been recently voting to actually make an impact... try doing the Hunting Board more for individual experience rewards perhaps.. I am done! Why promote greed man!?
  10. Individual Voting EXP rewards

    This!! This! Honestly why would you play on this server rate if experience and leveling is a problem for you? If you are looking for an incentive its already there via coins, so you wouldn't need to use(or lessen) real money to buy some game items you could have.. come on dude, everything you may need gear wise(so you could get exp faster) is already being layed out for you the only thing you have to play for is your experience points, the server wont do your work for you, that just kills the game and get you bored fast... also what use would a player who may already have reached his lvling goals with all the kind of character they needs for strictly just EXP rewards?? That just loses even more votes... would you still have an interest in voting when your done leveling and tired of creating a bunch of characters that possibly may not be geared properly and abort anyway??
  11. Headaches when playing TalonRO

    Hiya ctrldog! Welcome! I hope you are able to fix your settings and enjoy the game soon, perhaps its just your eyes? That only happens to me when my eyes are dry/too much glare/lack of sleep/need computer glasses... lol. Hope to see you in game!
  12. Yah'know what really grinds my gears? Some hours ago when some people on main speak passionately bout what they should be getting as incentive to vote... 

    Jezez! you are not being forced to vote, you are already receiving coins as gratitude for your "effort" in moving your finger and clicking some links and ultimately get a greater reward that benefits everyone...lets put it this way... "you do not come in to someone's home and demand them to serve you and get a prize for it!" Lets be clear.. Reward, not Bribe!

    *grabs GTB shield* Okay.. I'm ready for the backlash! lol.

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    2. Birdies


      just ignore it :D (you probably need a listening ear.)
      it seems we always forget that there are few facts, that we are still not 100% sure of.
      that's exactly the point why we need to learn more.
      we advocate for something probably because...
      each of us can't have everything, life is not ideal. we'd fight and it may get nasty.
      (watch people duke it out... honestly, i'd rather read or do something else if i want to learn. at least,
      i can control to an extent where it's coming from.)


    3. SkyeReed


      Patron-Client Culture. In Filipino, Utang na Loob Culture. Turning a blind eye shoudn't be an option or else you'll be swallowed whole by the system.

    4. Birdies


      it's also taking sides and having an opinion. i'm not much of a public speaker, and i don't like politics.
      (i may contradict myself. if it's important to me, i just have to do it on my own. sometimes, you need others.)
      i only care about the people who are in front of me. (you can't save everyone.)
      i still do think it's ok if you have your own opinion.

  13. Tha Ambush Pack

    *lightly pokes random people here* Hiya~.... O_________O
  14. Donation

    Heya Lordie! I agree that it could use some more accessible links but maybe not a must on everywhere, I did have this problem before when they updated the site a while back but it could send the wrong message or make a bad impression, after all, I think what the server needs are more votes and reviews rather than donations. As Sugar said it is on the Home Page, not to confuse it with the Panel tho! Thanks for supporting the server! ❤
  15. Hello~...!! :D New Player here.. ;D

    Welcome! We hope you'll enjoy it here and thanks to your friend for helping our community grow! Horray for recommendations!