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  1. Emiri

    Quests Eden -- Conquer the Desert

    Here's the silly dog... prt_fild09 308, 190. 2 maps down and a left from prontera the Savage Babe map.
  2. /awsmsecond time... idk why  i cant post properly on people's wall.. anyway Mika-chu Bae!

    1. Mikae


      Eim bby. <3 <3

  3. Hi wife!.. just because you started it. stat spam!

    1. Eighth Letter

      Eighth Letter



  4. Emiri

    Joalyn! Joa is for hire! $50 per hour! can be for business of for pleasure! Just drop me a PM for inquire bout the Joalyn Special Services!

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    2. Joa~


      path of adult industry? /wah/omgi thought ur going to make me a star and famous not being a pornstar /omg

    3. Squished


      I ship this. Go and make more money Joa

    4. Joa~


      /omg turning me into pornstar and nowna slave /sob

  5. Joa~

    oy la my manager /gawi

    1. Emiri


      I'll gechu back!

    2. Joa~


      :Abs::Abs::Abs: how can i become a pokemon like you /gg

  6. /awsm

    1. Emiri


      wubs u~

    2. Eighth Letter

      Eighth Letter


  7. Emiri

    Returning Player & A Question

    Welcome back to the server rwbonesy, I think I answered your main chat question earlier... but only the Talking Dog was moved to prt_fild09 cause Savage Babes (Instead of Scorpions), Condors and Baby Desert Wolves dont spawn in moc_fild11.
  8. Emiri

    Getting Back to TalonRO

    Come together and form an angry mob! ... oh wait no, I meant party up for leveling and adventures together! Hi and welcome back! Check out some guilds to join and the main is always helpful, I'm sure everyone will be delighted to be friends! Would also be a good idea to drop in a character name here for some anonymous helpers~?
  9. Emiri

    Christmas | Holiday Celebration Event!

    Your post was probably deleted cause you could have just sent a support ticket to request to undo your purchase, plus this is not the right place to be complaining as you were already told before.. and for the record the Snowflake Coins used to purchase rentals are storable and no "rental" box even from the regular rental npc which use (untradeable/unstorable) bronze coins were ever storable, I would imagine for good reason and avoid abuse.. Probably to prevent that new Event Item Machine in Lutie from recording rentals to be distributed across your game accounts cause its from the same npc, hence playing for more coins useless...[But this part is just a theory..] Will also not be surprised if both our post will be deleted this time too.
  10. Yah know that header/banner with the screenshot from the announcements... and how weird you can tell who some of those people are even though you weren't part of it... /dum

  11. Cant you write those up on the "About Me" area? Seems to me the contact methods are lists that aren't directly related to gaming like discord, though I would think Telegram or FB could be part of the list but then again I remember on FB the staff and the page were being reported probably by competition and spiteful people so I guess they rather not list it.
  12. Emiri


    Hello ffate94~! Did you use the vending officer? vending in Prontera, Payon and the mall are for auto trading (!autotrade), you'll only have a few minutes (10mins) to set up your store and use the command to log you out while your merchant is in place, it will stay vending for 12 hours unless you log in the account again. If you'd like to vend while online you can go to a different town and use the skill where it is allowed, please make sure you are not blocking anything aswell.
  13. lol I realized I asked for that to be a pet a long time ago... I was fixated on stat./heh

  14. Emiri

    Crashed ..

    Hello Urban Zakapa! It is recommended you download the full installer for TalonRO [Here] If you already have and it still crashed try to follow the instructions bellow the download page [here] It would also help to post screen shots and/or explain what system you have and how you installed. And if for any reason that you still need kRO clients you can try RMS [here]
  15. Emiri

    Game Crash Upon CTRL + ALT + DEL

    Oh sorry darling, but don't stress! RO is really just an old game for your graphics card I wouldn't recommend you spending time and money just to fix that and could possibly make everything else slower for you.