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  1. /awsmsecond time... idk why  i cant post properly on people's wall.. anyway Mika-chu Bae!

    1. Mikae


      Eim bby. <3 <3

  2. Hi wife!.. just because you started it. stat spam!

    1. Eighth Letter

      Eighth Letter



  3. Joalyn! Joa is for hire! $50 per hour! can be for business of for pleasure! Just drop me a PM for inquire bout the Joalyn Special Services!

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    2. Joa~


      path of adult industry? /wah/omgi thought ur going to make me a star and famous not being a pornstar /omg

    3. Squished


      I ship this. Go and make more money Joa

    4. Joa~


      /omg turning me into pornstar and nowna slave /sob

  4. Your post was probably deleted cause you could have just sent a support ticket to request to undo your purchase, plus this is not the right place to be complaining as you were already told before.. and for the record the Snowflake Coins used to purchase rentals are storable and no "rental" box even from the regular rental npc which use (untradeable/unstorable) bronze coins were ever storable, I would imagine for good reason and avoid abuse.. Probably to prevent that new Event Item Machine in Lutie from recording rentals to be distributed across your game accounts cause its from the same npc, hence playing for more coins useless...[But this part is just a theory..] Will also not be surprised if both our post will be deleted this time too.
  5. Yah know that header/banner with the screenshot from the announcements... and how weird you can tell who some of those people are even though you weren't part of it... /dum

  6. lol I realized I asked for that to be a pet a long time ago... I was fixated on stat./heh

  7. Horray! I love it when they do this... Also love the chosen charity this year, well done!
  8. *play dos X voice* I don't always like to farm, but when I do..
    it drops everything, except anything of value... /desp

  9. Well... 10!! idk if its still on but meh~ IGN: Erimi
  10. Back reading on the suggestion thread and that boreas icon made me chuckle... idk why.. lol. Imagine "GM Tam Tam uniforms"

  11. I love it, scared the falcon off of me when I first hatched it but gotta love all things gothic-ish(?) lol...

  12. Lets see... Does not say discounted Does not say for newbies Does not obligate you to buy.. Does say rare and exceptional even if its account bound (which one item, as far as I know was not attainable before.. but don't hold me to that I might have missed an update or a box or some sorta costume history.) Should not be prioritized by newbies to spend on instead of good gears.. ( has been said many times over and over by many ) Some other costumes come for free on quests that only requires time and effort... so.. Yes, this event are mostly for those who collect now and have worked long and hard to farm for their end-game stuff and have nothing much more to spend on but costumes that don't have any character benefit but just status symbol and that's it. No, I haven't bought anything from it cause I don't see any benefit for my character and yes, don't you have to at least work hard to get what you want, wanna look cool but your gears are crappy then what's the point? Current costume prices now on the market (photo below)... these are crazy prices already to begin with for stat less items and they are tradable AND still in supply in the market. Please don't hate, my opinion does not reflect the event or the server and its staff, I do not speak for anyone else and these are my own thoughts that I am sharing. Please do delete my post if its too offensive or violate terms and conditions. But HEY! Cheer up guys, costumes ain't everything~ I hope some of you do reconsider playing instead of taking this short event to heart.
  13. Happy Thanks Giving!

    Thank you TRO community for being awesome.

  14. Had fun lvling with "mortal" gears sponsored by Sho's Panties!.. 19 to 70 NT /happydance. Shall continue next time.

  15. When you want dark mode but read some messages in white boxed lines... my eyes!

  16. Yah'know what really grinds my gears? Some hours ago when some people on main speak passionately bout what they should be getting as incentive to vote... 

    Jezez! you are not being forced to vote, you are already receiving coins as gratitude for your "effort" in moving your finger and clicking some links and ultimately get a greater reward that benefits everyone...lets put it this way... "you do not come in to someone's home and demand them to serve you and get a prize for it!" Lets be clear.. Reward, not Bribe!

    *grabs GTB shield* Okay.. I'm ready for the backlash! lol.

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    2. Birdies


      just ignore it :D (you probably need a listening ear.)
      it seems we always forget that there are few facts, that we are still not 100% sure of.
      that's exactly the point why we need to learn more.
      we advocate for something probably because...
      each of us can't have everything, life is not ideal. we'd fight and it may get nasty.
      (watch people duke it out... honestly, i'd rather read or do something else if i want to learn. at least,
      i can control to an extent where it's coming from.)


    3. SkyeReed


      Patron-Client Culture. In Filipino, Utang na Loob Culture. Turning a blind eye shoudn't be an option or else you'll be swallowed whole by the system.

    4. Birdies


      it's also taking sides and having an opinion. i'm not much of a public speaker, and i don't like politics.
      (i may contradict myself. if it's important to me, i just have to do it on my own. sometimes, you need others.)
      i only care about the people who are in front of me. (you can't save everyone.)
      i still do think it's ok if you have your own opinion.

  17. guild... to apply or not to apply, that is the question... 

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    2. Her Heart

      Her Heart

      typically how long do I have to wait to know if my application via panel is denied? lol

    3. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Hmm, usually it's instant provided the guild leader received the notification. Worst case scenario you can drop a line on the guild thread by visiting this link  and request for an invite. /ok

    4. Her Heart

      Her Heart

      Oh, I like how fancy our panel is now with all the amenities~ I shall shimmy my way in to the guild thread then, tho I am bit shy bout asking for a place for myself among's others. ... LOL! *panic dance* O______O *whale face*

  18. Lol Feeling really stupid.. but solving problems, yey! I hope they ignore the stupid request.. *dies a little*

    1. Birdies


      denying people by simply saying no seems close-minded. but it actually is very efficient most of the time. it seems pointless to answer back for several reasons. guess silence is greater sometimes.

    2. Her Heart

      Her Heart

      I believe so too, Birdies. Thank you for your wise words, my dear.

  19. When traditional also tells you to quit trying... lol.




  20. was doodling... then the tablet shut off... great... that no save feeling.

    1. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Had the same thing happen to me earlier this week. Relatable. /sob

  21. Which would you choose? Precaution or Perseverance :ph34r:

  22. Why is there no Unicorn-like costumes? :( We need more rainbows in our talon lives lol.

  23. That feeling when your husband's tro friends don't care that you have your own characters and just send you pms for him anyway, like you don't mind.

  24. When giving to charity makes you "cool", but TalonRO took it literally!screenTalonRO154.jpg.63ebe54f1204e5d52b703365bb291eca.jpg


    1. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      Thank you for your kind donation /lv! And I see what you did there, very cooooool indeed ~

    2. Her Heart

      Her Heart

      Nooo! Thank YOU guys for doing the fund raiser and letting us know about the project, donating for a special cause is the best reward of all. I hope someday there would be a small % from regular donations that could go to many more projects that don't necessarily need a gift back to the donors. Well~ long shot but its fun to think about it. :) 

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