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  1. Eoin

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    65 beetle king
  2. i gib u hug for the charleston antenna
  3. Eoin

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    thanks guys! Poring Wizard here! no hassle seals, fast and reliable it's worth every zeny
  4. Eoin

    Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    @roger i said it's "highly possible"
  5. Eoin

    Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    highly possible, and the shrine might change location too T_T
  6. Eoin

    Searchfor the GODS

    @khrei invite me for vanilla ET
  7. Eoin

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    i'm enjoying my 1st summer event here in TalonRo (too much tbh)
  8. Eoin

    Searchfor the GODS

    @toblerone that is the reason why we need to look for the quest for the dagger of edda. @azurhialine @Wormiso far the npc ive seen that may be related is the cow in geffen and the young scholar(not even 75% sure) in Yuno
  9. Eoin

    Searchfor the GODS

    i almost forgot! when the rainbowring died i wasnt sure if there was a drop or none (but i felt like it dropped something). after a good 1 second the portal appeared on the cell i was on and got warped.
  10. Eoin

    Searchfor the GODS

    PJ it gave me a nice 3k per hit damage plus
  11. Eoin

    Searchfor the GODS

    no drops from magirings, just enormous exp
  12. Eoin

    Searchfor the GODS

    and so i was helping out a friend, and that god means business
  13. Eoin

    TamTam's Guide

    i saw the tamtam mascot once, didnt get the screenshot because he only stayed for about 15seconds. it drops food items and also got 2x 2reward ticket & 1 5reward ticket
  14. Eoin

    B> +7stonebuckler[clean]

    B> +7stonebuckler[clean] 5.7m