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  1. Congrats guys, these are amazing! Hope to see more of your writing in the future!
  2. Omg I haven't got the time to read the stories again because i barely had connection-- but I'm sure it's awesome! Gaaaahhh, good luck to the deadliners!
  3. You're welcome ^^ Ahaha, I truly enjoyed it, and I can't wait to see your finished comic~ Dw, you're not the only one. I wanna make comic for tro since last year but I haven't even start anything yet Aww.. Thank you so much for the additional info. Now my guesses confirmed! Ah.. dw. I can't even remember how Luoyang look alike. Haven't been there for ages.. = v = ` Anyway, have a nice weekend!
  4. Yes, I can tell from the paragraphs about how much experience you have in writing ^^ Are you a sherlockian? Just wondering. Aww.. that's just heart breaking. And those were a lot to think about, I like it when the story gives us something to wonder. It usually opens new perspective. Also, your protagonist is probably the only one here so far among the entries, that witnessed the events rather than experienced it himself. I enjoyed reading it.
  5. Aww.. I thought she went to Valhalla and get replaced by another Valk.. Now I imagine the hw returns every valentine only for her to forget again. That's just sad..
  6. You're welcome @ihazbackuptalon ! *high fives back* Thank you for the kind compliment, and yes, it is kinda sad. I sorta create the 'what's not meant to be doesn't meant to be' story. They have mutual attraction but it doesn't mean that the other person is their other half at least yet. Ahaha, Fenrir use gentleman word to joke around, he himself doesn't see him as one, considering his attitude to most people, and there's the job too. But I personally think he is, even when he denies it. ^^ And yes, the use of reference is amazing! You paid great attention to details--it's so worth it
  7. Aww.. Don't worry sir, all be fine in the end. You just need to keep moving. And anyway, I get your message and feel your sadness as well. It's great experience to write the story down.
  8. Aww.. you're welcome dear Feel better soon. If love fails you, go for some adventure. Things will work well, in time ^^ Just finished reading all entries and boy! We have lots of talented writers here, I completely agree with you, @guiapq! The plots are original and creative, aside from the sad setting they take XD @lucy123 story is tragic, and it's relatable, my heart breaks for the two--I can't imagine being Lucy, and I can see similar things happen to people with the same tragedy. I love Morroc's Love by @roeuzinho ! It gives twist, and at the beginning I had no idea t
  9. THE PHANTOM OF VALENTINE IGN “Snow Raven” 3500 words *Theme Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-NAD2qtKo8 *Translation http://www.dreamslandlyrics.com/2016/10/aimer-akanesasu-lyrics.html Happy Valentine! I had fun writing this piece, it brought so much feels.. I’m sorry if it kinda fast paced on some parts, because it was originally 4100 words when I finished lol. But I did my best with the editing, so it’s still relatable for the readers. If you ever want to read the longer version, do pm and I’ll send the link to you Stay h
  10. Aww.. Love takes time to grow and matured. I'm so glad I get to see this in your story ^^
  11. Your story is bittersweet.. I hope the two will find happiness in the end.. Anyway, don't forget to put your IG name with your entry post. I think it's mandatory in the rules ^^
  12. Hai Tantee o3o

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    2. KousakaSatou


      Yes, i am. /heh

      i don't understand how to do with this "dns" stuff, padahal kemaren" gpp tuh eh pas di tinggal gak maen 2 hari jadi kayak gini.

      *checks internet* nope, it  still stuck at 2mb /gg

      and i tried the kRo (Ragnarok Patch) and it says like "Failed to retrieve"-blablabla

      so pencerahan nya senpaii D:

    3. dforduchi


      Maaf baru bales, kemaren sibuk ngurus ini itu /ok

      Waduh... Gimana ya? Udah lama banget. Dulu sih kalau aku cuma klik dns-nya 2x, nunggu sampe install n iconnya berubah ijo (kalau belum klik ikonnya dan yang warnanya orange di klik2in sampe ijo), abis itu baru main gamenya dan jalan, deh.

      Udah coba reinstall belom?

      Saya juga baru main Feb tahun kemaren jadi hardly dibilang senpai, jadi kalau nggak bisa juga, aku juga ndak mudeng.. /heh

      Coba tanya member yang emang udah melanglang buana di sini, deh. Atau nggak cari-cari sekitar forum? Biasanya banyak yang problemnya sama. Maaf ya nggak bisa banyak bantu, aku juga gaptek tingkat ndewa ini mah.. oTL

    4. KousakaSatou


      maksud nya klik DNS sampe warna ijo? wkwkwk apaan yak?

      udah coba reinstall malah. tapi tetep gitu.

      DNS nya ngaruh ke semua, ketorrent sama yang lain gitu. /bzz

  13. I think it is, since yours atm counts as WIP ^^ Just make sure to edit your entry later. And btw, loving your work so far! It's very cute and entertaining. I can't wait to see the colored version, and also the others who participate
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