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  1. So is there a fix for this problem or not?my friends wanna start playing but cant due to this crappy problem. tried all of the above same probl ms no fix for... what a year?
  2. ok deal at eldic when ur there
  3. Where is the wandering merchant in malangdo thats from the Cat hand Agency that allows us to craft those new type of ammunition for ninja and gunslinger?
  4. bump garbage but VERY CHEAP stuff
  5. a buyer ;.; ok sure 1m
  6. why no one wanna buy T.T
  7. another bump once again
  8. bupmpmpmpp
  9. 240m u mean if ur selling 200m instead of 240 for all 200 plz pm me ser
  10. bumper car
  11. id like to order 1 frying pan for whacking some guild members please and thank you
  12. still bumping
  13. D: nop but iz a loooooot of CHEAP stoooof u will wantz <3
  14. bummp moar
  15. bump