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  1. odilante

    Mailbox usage

    50% Suggestion is to make mailbox more convenient to use ~ with absent or short delays after sending mails 50% Question is ~ what sense these initial 10-15s delays make? As long as i remember it was always like this
  2. odilante

    Is Sniper Card worth it for Berserk?

    i'd like to know too~ exactly for the same <bapho VF>
  3. odilante

    Не понятно

    обычно происходит, если medicine bowl забыть
  4. odilante

    low budget Monk Weapon for FO

    1) Rental stunner. The same as not-refined carga mace with 2 TGs 2) A couple of skeleton worker cards in a nice mace
  5. odilante

    SQI weapons & size modifiers

    "only applied to your weapon" >> new for me ~ thanks. explains many things
  6. odilante

    SQI weapons & size modifiers

    thanks for your answers *still interesting if SQI's work in a different way than regular weapons and if it can be somehow counted
  7. odilante

    SQI weapons & size modifiers

    look once again when you have some time
  8. odilante

    SQI weapons & size modifiers

    Have a nice day~ Noticed that Suiken acts like if it had no mobsize penalty for medium- and large-sized mobs. A suggestion is to extend the description of items that ignore initial RO mechanics for example to see if a drake card is worth putting into a certain weapon Actually made some calculations based on that post: that damage appears also if a weapon ignored mob's def (200str+400strbonus+150+28(ref)+30bk)x12,5(fo)x1,2(ktull)x1,75(3xak)x2(element)=max42420 or correct me if i did it wrong (descriptions are wanted for calculations to be possible and real)
  9. odilante

    Thor FO Champion Solo Leecher Build

    wtf claws deal 50% dmg to large mobs