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  1. Hello! May I join the wait list as well, please?
  2. Please leave your best offer, thanks!
  3. S>Crimson Booster Costume. ID: 20458 PM me with offers here please, ty. NONR.
  4. Doofinator


    How much for the Porcellio SS?
  5. All @Nonoko-chan needs is your soul :^) jk join us!!
  6. How much for the Sniping suit?
  7. Hi! This is honestly a great guide, and it's been working out well for me so far. I've got just one question, if you don't mind. This is my current setup: https://calc.talonro.com/?_S07CrEzDsknDikxMSsOywoHDoMOEwqrDksOsw4TDhMOywrzDhMK0PBBMTEw1TcKEwoEMwpBMVsKqS2l2TkZGQEl+wrpLWk56VFpJcnnCljdUSVY2EMKkATHCiMKTBMOEw4nCpSDClkfDosOgAQA I will be getting Celebs very soon. VH and other crit gears will take some time, but that'll happen eventually I suppose. For garment, should I use a Dragon Tail Card or Stem Worm Card? Damage-wise, both look very similar. And should I slot it in a Dragon Manteau or NSFM? I'm currently thinking of sticking only with Sniping Suits for the most parts. Is there any significant advantage of getting Dragon Vests? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, I've got a Dragon Manteau if you're still looking for one.
  9. Doofinator

    Carotene Shop

    Hi, I'm interested in buying the Magical Booster and +10 Hypnotist Staff, if they're still available.
  10. Thanks! I suppose that makes sense.
  11. Hi, I'm currently farming Sleepers with Ice Pick+BB, and I plan to farm Geffenia once I'm a stalker. I'm using Meat and GJ for hp/sp recovery and I also have an alt priest for heal/buff. I'm using simple NPC-bought Shoes. Which shoe card would be more useful for me in the long run, GEC or Moonlight Flower, and which shoe equipment should I use it on? I also have a Hunter and a Wizard that I plan to level some time in the future, so if there's anything that could be beneficial for my Rogue/Stalker as well as any of my other alts, that would be great. Thanks!
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