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  1. Can I ask question? Where/how did you download to get new alt. ranger costume? I've been trying to find a user (dumbed-down) friendly version!

    1. Arcadia ✿

      Arcadia ✿

      Hey, Irisia~ I found it on hercules site! They're the one releasing the corrected pallettes for those costumes. 

    2. Irisia


      Ooo and it easy to download and install? Or do you need an additional program to install it?

    3. Arcadia ✿

      Arcadia ✿

      Hmm, let me send it to you!

  2. Congrats Blakey Blake~ 

  3. I'm really starting to hate your headgear >:( Hard to draw...

  4. @NeoArtS Gives guild experience. ^^ Item script: [guildgetexp 6000000+rand(0,30000)*200;], [], []
  5. Day 24 - Fortune of the Snake - Increase Max SP by 10% for all classes except Monk/Champ for 30 minutes. For Monk/Champ, Increase MaxHP by 10%
  6. LOL. Your forum name is on your HP :lol:

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    2. Arcadia ✿

      Arcadia ✿

      @ABBEY-GALE @ then search the name. XD it's like tagging in Facebook. 



      @Arcadia 🌸   OH.... was too hasty typing that is why i didnt see the pop up LOL.... thx

    4. Arcadia ✿

      Arcadia ✿

      @ABBEY-GALE Hahahaha! XD No prob.

  7. Your cover photo. /lv 

    1. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      Hey thanks! /no1

  8. Lots of lovely arts @Stealthmoves I think you need to resize your art " 450px wide by 300px tall. "
  9. @Feezessin eh, what? As long as it's still the 25th? Thank goodness ε-(´∀`; ) Thanks for letting me know, Fee! ( ^ω^ ) Yes! I can sleep now... but let me post my first entry just in case.... 1. Ready, Set, Go! 2. Hanabi Festival In-game name: Isla** or Arcadia**
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