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    Aspersio without using evil druid card? Yes you can!

    Yeah this is doable with any monsters with undead attribute change skill but i think frus is easiest to find correct me if im wrong tho
  2. Hello guys this is my first guide and i wanna contribute something to this forum please be gentle with me I found one article about using this technique here but i'm gonna make my own using pictures to make it more understandable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First, you gotta have your stalker and your own priest or hp its up to you with Aspersio lvl 5 park your priest in hidden temple while your stalker wanders into the odin temple. Type !duel yourchar on your priest character to make things a bit faster. Next, you need to go and locate Frus. Frus has the undead attribute change skill so go and auto attack them. I didn't use anything here as an example only attacking with damascus. You keep attacking them until that buff on the right appears. You will notice that your char will turn slightly green and you gotta butter wing back and tp to hidden temple. Duel you stalker with priest/hp and cast aspersio. Don't forget that sweet holy water. Done! So thats all guys hope you understand well and good luck!
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    Champ Question

    im just gonna post this to help you level, what im doing is basically keep asura-ing tatacho then going back and forth using !return (bonus bundle required) and free heal from the doctor. the build is cheap here but you need gec to increase your asura damage and also damage reduction armor like raydric because manuk field monsters have crazy damage, as for weapon rental fist is fine (rental stunner is even better). i was 83 when i decided to go there, exp is quite nice.. almost as big as anubis but you dont need to go through inside dungeons, and big plus is tatacho drops luna kaleet i made +7 by myself thanks to tatacho