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  1. Zagyu

    B> Some QUIPS

  2. Zagyu

    B> Some QUIPS

    Hiya There....this is my buying list, if you have it for sale just PM me or offer it in reply maybe its in my budget : - +10 Manteau [1] - +10 Elemental Book [3] - +9-10 Stone Buckler [1] - Kris Def+8 -+10 Pauldron [1]
  3. Zagyu

    Warehouse Cleaning !

    pm me for saiyan hair price?
  4. is the costume, hat and egg acc bound ?? waiting for tutorial :)
  5. Zagyu


    hill wind / mystcase ampe bosen bos!! mayan duidnya disitu < buat asinan > kalo wizz ga tau deh....mungkin hill wind juga bisa
  6. Zagyu


    die jualnya yg glit jaket malah....mknya ane minat bgd itu..
  7. Zagyu


    haiz.....cumen minat ama barang dagangan dia...sape tau bisa diturunin lagi harganya
  8. Zagyu


    ada yang tau IGN : pasarTungging ?? kalo ada yang tau / kenal, tulung kasih tau pls main IGN nya.....ane ada minat ama barang dia..... IGN : Ozumath Zagyu
  9. Zagyu

    Halloween Event 2012!

    wow....just wow.... my first hallowen event here....still confused about what to do >.<
  10. Zagyu


    mencari tukang enchant armor indo >.>a butuh +3 dex formal suit / glit jaket........kalo ada yang tau whisp : Ozumath Zagyu
  11. Zagyu

    Part 8: Halloween Forum Event

    Come, the night dwellers. Its time to show in midgard. To scream and to haunt. IGN : Zagyu
  12. Zagyu

    Part 7: Halloween Forum Event

    IGN : Zagyu
  13. Zagyu


    ada yang tukang enchant armor ga ya di indo ?? daripada beli ama bule...sapa tau ada
  14. Zagyu


    wew...di jawaii to....pantes ane ama temen ane ngobrol di prontera ga ada yg nyaut.... ok deh bos....mo nyamperin di jawai deh >xD
  15. Zagyu


    Allo bos2 semua salam kenal....ga nyangka ada anak indo juga disini Ane baru maen neh RO setelah pensi bbrp taun yg lalu.......adakah guild indo disini ?? biar bisa nanya2 enak