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  1. Congratulations to all winners! Creation of Boreas didn't win. Sad. It would've been glorious on the loading screen.
  2. This is something I drew for a couple of friends' wedding. A rare sunny day wedding ceremony in Lutie. Hopefully you guys will like it. IGN: Celetille Kailya
  3. Please respect food! D:< Use a proper dildo, ya cheap af peasants!
  4. Dat stupid grammatical error
  6. Please, everyone is either a closet or an open pervert. Doesn't only apply to a specific gender. Anyone who says they're not a pervert is lying to themselves.
  7. Come play with Us~ If you lose, your soul is Ours~
  8. Cute as ever, Cherripie! Yasss! Post the old ones as well!
  9. That's the lurkers' corner. They just be creeping around. But totally chill.
  10. I'll get around to colour mine once I have the time to do so. Busy irl. How boo...
  11. Is that you, Ti(ts)?
  12. Breaking news! The latest struggle within Vogue! The struggle is very real! Uweh, it turn out so small.. Sob ;o;
  13. Look at Lhulu's happy face cuz he gets to peek under my skirt before the groom even got to do so.
  14. I have confirmed that I will never ever create an instagram account. If editing screenshots from a freaking game took so much effort and time to be just decently pretty, forget real life photos. So here's my wedding photos with the Majestic af Sir M4vrick. Tho we had our first fight as spouses within hours after that. Lol But the one that has the most impact on me is this one. Now I know what Main people called me, those damn peasants...