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  1. A 2015 thread xD got even more amazed when ts still replied.
  2. Would it be possible for you guys to consider making nightmare maps for magma dun and niff with nightmare mobs and double drop rates (with proper balance) just like nightmare verits? Playing vampsmith is just sad for the longest time on talon and seeing people who actually likes playing the class to be forced to play the mainstream farmer cause they are outclassed way so much.
  3. I wouldnt really recommend making one unless you have extra large amount of zenny. Its like having ALMOST 1b worth of equips sleeping most of the time. So if youre planning to sell everything to make an SG, dont do it. But, again if you have money lying around that you dont have to compromise everything you have now then id encourage it. Also people are stingy, no matter how good you are at leeching, theyll still feel like youre over pricing them. Think about that.
  4. nice nice. now I can price my leech much better. Since Ive started prolly like 2 years ago youve helped me in some ways every now and then. Thanks for helping us out padayon
  5. Yes! I'm still intrested. Message me the price
  6. Neptr

    B>+7 Elven Bow[TG]

    pm here or mail me in game. IGN: TigaHeal, Fox sin of Greed, SpazzKid
  7. @hliggRough sketches are also okay with me just dab a little bit of pastel colors. I just want him to look happy, wavy hair wearing loose archers clothes. I'm on the part of my life that I'm having a hard time coping with adulting and I just want to be young again kind of feel.
  8. Hi! saw some of the other art you did on fb, kabayan ka pala! I was wondering how much would it be for something like as detailed as the bird shot fan art you did. I want the character to be drawn as a little child running with a bow, looking clumsy, wearing a cat helm with a big smile on his face. See moonlight flower for reference on cat helm. Thanks!
  9. i guess endow really is the key even with a cheap build like this one.
  10. looking forward for tier 3. im currently at tier 2 so it is really helpful seeing this. i hope gms put it on sticky so newby archers like us wont be spamming archer section for tips that has been asked for thousands of times already. good job with the layout btw.
  11. if you can add more farming spots for certain jobs then that would be great. like how thieves and priest farm at mavka, sleepers and niff. that way people wouldnt be forced playing jobs they dont like just to earn zenny.
  12. Sorry for being pessimistic but, arent update supposed to be upgrade from the previous? whyd you nerf most of the things people like about the game. lol
  13. Neptr

    B> Char Names

    have you thought of using the four greek names of love? agape eros phillia storge
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