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    Homunculus colours!

    Hey guys! Been leveling up my vanil and I'm loving it, and I think I speak for all alchemists when I say that we really enjoy the homunculus system and all the nostalgic tamagotchi-eqsue joy that it brings, and so it got me thinking... How cool would it be if homunculus could be slightly customised? What if there was a selection of colours for each homunculus? Like a green filir, or a purple vanil? Even a black sheep amistr xD... Basically exactly like the way we change our sprite colours at the stylist, there wouldn't need to be loads of options, just a few to start with! I would personally even enjoy there being a quest attached to this system wherein we have to collect certain items or dyes.. Personally I'm quite proficient in the use of photoshop and other digital art packages and if I had access to the sprites this would be a really easy task to undertake, really it's just a question of sliding the hue/saturation between the colour spectrum and saving the versions that look good! Anyways, I hope you take my suggestion into consideration, I think for me it's the little things like this that give us a sense of in-game individuality and when it comes to our little homunculi the more unique we can make them the better! Thanks a lot, Ren -Edit: Added some examples of what I mean, took me 5 minutes!