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  1. Happy New Year, guys! Hope you celebrate your holiday a blast ❤

  2. Welcome to TalonRO! Hope you enjoy staying here in, tRO! I hope you enjoyed playing Swordman class(es) ❤ I played as Knight recently in this game and I like it a lot ❤ I'm like the Agi+Str type HAHAHAHAHA
  3. Welcome to TalonRO, Ritios! Hope I can meet you and have some chit chat together ❤ Have fun playing ❤
  4. Damn HAHAHAHAHAH i laughed so bad because I can relate to this since I have a cat HAHAHAHAHA
  5. Hey, I'm in need of memes because this ayskeurim is quite sad right now. Make this sad ayskeurim happyyy.
  6. Just dropping by to say hi and kamusta, kk.
  7. Hello there! Welcome to TalonRO! I hope you enjoy your stay here. You can message me if you need a friend, kkk.
  8. Heeey, welcome to TalonRO Hope we can be friends, too. If you happen to see Ayskeurim or Irenewannabetutubi around you can leave me a message!
  9. OMFG. Ngayon 'ko lang nabasa mga replies niyo myg0sh i kennat :((( PM me Anytime na lang HAHAHAHAHA. Ayskeurim, okifhoo!?! <3
  10. So, My homunculus is attacking automatically but suddenly it stopped. I don't know why but it suddenly stops. I didn't do anything though. I already set my mirAI and /hoai on but nothing happens. ._. Srsly.. what's wrong ;_; Help me, what can i doo?
  11. Hello, it's me. Anyways, may PH Army po ba rito? Like.. meron bang may gusto rito sa Kpop? < For some, don't hate me please. Music has no language barrier. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. > So? Errr. Kahit anong fandom okay lang. I need someone to talk to. Hehehe.
  12. Odin sounds nice but I'm not fully geared tho and I don't have Rune of Darkness to start the quest. Kkkk. Anyways, Stings // GHP? Noted. Thanks. Was leveling my Hunter in Hillwinds tho. HAHAHA.
  13. Hi. I'm a level 94 Hunter. So, where can I level? -- Anyway thanks in advance!
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