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  1. Ah another game which is not part of the PC Master Race
  2. I think you're in hiatus because you are writing an awesome fantasy story book. Are you a writer or an author of some fantasy or fan fic books?
  3. Come back to Talon! Iduna is great. And I heard they'll be giving some cookies.
  4. I have to say. When I started playing in TalonRO last 2016, I had 5 buddies with me who also played the game. But, one by one, they all disappeared (they're not dead but just had some adulting problems). And now, I am the last of the 6 of us who is still playing. I am still hoping that my friends would come back someday, but only heaven knows. All I can do is hope and wait.
  5. Why would you go number 2 behind a tree? The bush is an excellent spot. Dig a hole and done.
  6. The Vendor NPC pockets them all. That guy is shady!
  7. Ah going to the bathroom I see
  8. That's a name that I haven't seen in a while. He gives a lot of good tipa for wizards.
  9. I think you, Granny Smith Apple and Cespoirs are best friends right?
  10. PrideFries... Oh SN Pride. Yeah he's a cool guy too. Very smart, always gives out advice to people in need.
  11. I'm bored so lemme ask a weird question. Who is your favorite TalonRO player? And why? They might be someone who you are close with. Someone who's always your companion while leveling, farming, PvM or PvP. Someone you admire because of their charisma. Someone that always makes you happy. Or whatever the reason why you like this certain player. For me it has to be the Maestro of Abbey. The Female Priest Magnet. The guy that always help people in either leveling or some other things... DON! DON is just an all around fun person. Very helpful to both newbies and pros. I really respect that guy. Though sometimes, he's like Nevil from SovietWomble's vids. But I still like him.
  12. If you have the time, you could also make a Linker so that you can reduce consumables. Less consumables equals more weight for GNs. And also, you'll have a free resu too.
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