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  1. The one thing that you have to remember is to have fun inside the server. The community is so welcoming and very energetic.
  2. A: Same as always... Lose weight. Q: What's the most embarrassing moment that you've done in TalonRO?
  3. I forgot about this funky song! https://youtu.be/LBwt4YNPc84
  4. A: Probably Wounded Morroc. It's because of that creepy looking female Incarnation of Morroc. The one that has the creepy walking in all 4s backwards... thingy. Q: What's the most important thing to remember when you are down?
  5. This one is "SPECIAL"! Please include this. Amazing song right here! There will be more... I'll think of more hahaha
  6. A: A Poo hat Q: Which RO MVP do you like the most? And why?
  7. You look like Chief Inspector Nicholas Angel from Hot Fuzz!
  8. Hello! May I join the waitlist too? Thank you so much! 😊
  9. Google translate? hahaha
  10. Always be friendly and the blessings will rain upon you.
  11. Anyone know a good build for LK Geffenia farming? Sleepers are so boring right now.
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