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  1. IGN: Emilia Yusa The Dark Harvest
  2. And lastly... my favorite Jam!
  3. I forgot about this funky song! https://youtu.be/LBwt4YNPc84
  4. This one is "SPECIAL"! Please include this. Amazing song right here! There will be more... I'll think of more hahaha
  5. I got some music requests... hahaha 1. Westlife - Uptown Girl 2. Westlife - When You're Looking Like That 3. Backstreet Boys - As Long as you Love Me 4. Blue - One Love 5. Eminem - The Real Slim Shady 6. Smash Mouth - All Star 7. And Finally..
  6. Is there any way for people from other countries to donate? example me... from PH
  7. forum's spoiler tag... where can you find that? (sorry for the dumb question)
  8. Apaches yes! I like how you think
  9. Uhh... can I tell a fantasy romance story?
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