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  1. gunslinger?

    I have a Gunslinger but I only use it for having fun... and occasionally in some hunting. My GS build is a Shotgun type I just love the sound effects and that's the reason why I mostly use my GS for fun only.
  2. Lets Make a Random Good Story

    Dark Lord and Lord of Death showed up and killed both of them. And then they marched on towards Prontera
  3. Ask The Person Below You Anything

    A: Gold! Q: Are you a jedi or a Sith?
  4. bullet maker

    There's a bullet maker in Izlude. He's just a bit to the right of the kafra
  5. No DB Zone

    Good Day GMs, Can you implement a no DB zone in the Sleepers map (Yuno Field 6) and the map just south of it (Yuno Field 3) cause recently the cases of people DBing these maps had risen and it is a tad bit frustrating when all of a sudden, for example, you would encounter a Sword Guardian in these maps while farming.
  6. Lets Make a Random Good Story

    Then he fired at the bottle and he misses, another shot, also missed, third shot rang out and it also missed, finally the fourth round hit the bottle but it only dinged it.
  7. Include seller NPCs when using !shopjump and !whosell

    Solution? R-M-S
  8. Lets Make a Random Good Story

    But the attack was blocked by a bald guy wearing a yellow suit with a flowing white cape... it was Saitama!
  9. Ask The Person Below You Anything

    A: The state of hopelessness on my ongoing love interest. Q: Would you fight for your country for the sake of the ruling party that governs your country or would you rather fight for your country for the sake of the people and your own homeland?
  10. Comment About The Person Above You

    You will join the Dark Side!
  11. Lets Make a Random Good Story

    But before they both landed a blow a mysterious object crashed beside them.
  12. Low Server Rate

    Oww... I did not know that. Guess that's a new info for me.
  13. Getting Started

    Oh nice swordie guide bro! Yes Loot everything in Wolves almost, though not all, of the items in wolves maps are valuable! Easy money for newbie Swordies.
  14. Low Server Rate

    I've talked to some of the players, they said that Summer Race has an affect in this low turn out vote? Don't get me wrong coz I love Summer Races I am an avid racer myself. But do you guys think it has an effect to the voting?
  15. Low Server Rate

    This is a first time that I've encountered this in this server, a 70>1 CC tot TC exchange rate! The lowest exchange rate I've encountered is only 55>1. Do you guys think that it will revert back to normal after the Summer Race season ends? What's your point of views in this one?