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  1. IronBear

    Lets Make a Random Good Story

    Then the people fought back
  2. IronBear

    TalonRO Rants

    Hunting gloves for 5 hrs and still no luck. Friend logged in and found one in 30 mins
  3. IronBear

    Comment About The Person Above You

    Granny Smith!
  4. IronBear

    Ask The Person Below You Anything

    A: 1) I usually take inspiration in anime for my female characters. But for my male characters I usually name them after well known individuals during WW2 (No SS or nazi name) A: 2) I do change my behavior when I use different classes in RO. I treat my characters as if they are alive and give them some backstory and characteristics. It kinda makes my game play more fun and so that different people would not know that I control many characters. And since I treat my characters as human beings, when I log out I don't leave them at fields, I usually leave them at towns or if there's a camp site or building on said fields, I leave them there also. Q: Do you do charity in RO? What is your opinion on players doing charity in RO?
  5. IronBear

    TalonRO Rants

    Opened a February Month Costume box. Got a strawberry hat Opened 20 Chiqitas... no Glasses or roboeyes just mostly eye patches.
  6. IronBear

    Ask The Person Below You Anything

    A: Of you're an RO player then play RO. Or just open up a small business. Q: Whats is your most important moral code?
  7. IronBear

    Comment About The Person Above You

    You shall not pass
  8. IronBear

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Wei sent me to go to the Wizards. Wizard asks me to bring 10 Blue Potions and I brought 90+ and he still won't accept. WHY!? Edit: Never mind I used my alche to produce blue pots and it worked
  9. IronBear

    Sleeper Famer turning to Mavkas

    Ah yes IP is ineffective. should I go for weeder knife or ceasar sword then?
  10. IronBear

    Sleeper Famer turning to Mavkas

    So firstly here is my LK sleeper farmer stats https://calc.talonro.com/?cavbIa5bLaYa8aTabababaagqeaaaaaaaae5aaaaaaaaahkaaumaaukeOaalraalIgZvsaalYfaaeeeamaaaakafaaaaaaaabaaacuaaaaHaaaaa Could anyone help me what what equipment and cards I need to go and farm Mavkas? And is my current stats compatible with mavka farming?
  11. IronBear

    tamtam maps or sleepers for farming ?

    Yup same as my opinion. that why I am now trying to find a new farming site. Although I guess it will be a hard one because my char is equipped for sleeper battle haha
  12. IronBear

    Which Kaho would look best on my Priest?

    POO HAT KAHO!!!!
  13. IronBear

    What if game?

    Pack your things and just move out! What if you were the chosen one?
  14. IronBear

    Charity | TalonRO Gives Back!

    Is there any way for people from other countries to donate? example me... from PH
  15. IronBear

    Lets Make a Random Good Story

    He was a short dude with a height of...