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  1. Lets Make a Random Good Story

    But before they both landed a blow a mysterious object crashed beside them.
  2. Low Server Rate

    Oww... I did not know that. Guess that's a new info for me.
  3. Getting Started

    Oh nice swordie guide bro! Yes Loot everything in Wolves almost, though not all, of the items in wolves maps are valuable! Easy money for newbie Swordies.
  4. Low Server Rate

    I've talked to some of the players, they said that Summer Race has an affect in this low turn out vote? Don't get me wrong coz I love Summer Races I am an avid racer myself. But do you guys think it has an effect to the voting?
  5. Low Server Rate

    This is a first time that I've encountered this in this server, a 70>1 CC tot TC exchange rate! The lowest exchange rate I've encountered is only 55>1. Do you guys think that it will revert back to normal after the Summer Race season ends? What's your point of views in this one?
  6. Day off for Warp Girl

    Going old school eh? So I guess if this happens someone will ride the Airship with me? hahaha
  7. How can i achieve insta-cast with mine current build?

    Get orleans with sting and change footgear for moonlight footgear. Also drops card on weapon
  8. Level up 7x

    GHC is the best for Hwiz lvl 70-79. I would also suggest go find Odin Party when you hit 85 and be a glass cannon and just blast the enemy with SGs
  9. Cards for Dagger/Katar (For SinX)

    Wow thanks for the answers guys! I appreciate it.
  10. Summer Fun

    I just love the summer race and the cool quests that the NPCs give. I also noticed some rather funny things about this event. How bout you guys? Can you share some funny and fun stories about Summer Race? It can either be about the players you've met or about the weird and wacky missions that you get from the NPCs. You can share it thru story telling mode or in memes or picture mode just share the laugh that you've experienced in this event. I'll start this one off: Everytime the race begins there is alway that one guy that goes in main and always say this stuff...
  11. The Warpers are the Heroes of Summer Race!

    We should make a statue in honor of their sacrifices with an inscription "To the unsung hunters that laid their time, effort and lives to track and locate the quest NPCs. May we never forget your selfless actions in the line of duty in which you all helped lift others towards their own victories."
  12. Comment About The Person Above You

    I'm Mr. GOOD LOOKIN'
  13. Cards for Dagger/Katar (For SinX)

    I am trying go for an Assassin that could farm geffenia
  14. Cards for Dagger/Katar (For SinX)

    So yep, what are the best cards that can be used on the SinX Daggers/Katars? Ow! Forgot to add! Which is the best headgear? Valk Helm? LKH? or Chicken Hat?
  15. The Warpers are the Heroes of Summer Race!

    God! This is why I love Summer races! Everyone is working as a team, from the guys and gals who announces the locations of the different NPCs to the guardians that kill aggressive mobs at dungeon/fields and especially to the warpers that helps us get to our destinations quickly!