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    Digital drawing,anime,manga,editting,game(touhou,kancolle,dota and kai ri sei million arthur),music

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  1. lol i forgot to make sprite drawing for the bullet game xD

  2. almost done

    my OC


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    2. Kate(Princess of Sniper)

      Kate(Princess of Sniper)

      *Fangirling*AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I like that drawing!I will always like your drawing..

      ah i see..But it still beautiful

      I just noticed that your profile is changed!/heh

    3. Kishin Sagume

      Kishin Sagume

      yay thanks @Princess Of Sniper, yet i want to improve my drawing skill more xD /no1


    4. Kate(Princess of Sniper)

      Kate(Princess of Sniper)

      Yea you should but all of your drawing is awesome!/heh/ok

  3. update

    coloring mode

    slow progress xD

    tagal matapos lol

    dojigiri 3.png

  4. dojigiri lineart phase

    wip 2016 4 17.jpg

  5. wip ellen baker


    ellen baker 4koma1la1.jpgellen baker 4koma1la.jpg

    ellen baker 4koma1la1.jpg

  6. for Project Archangel Game aoi sprite sample2.png

  7. My ocs of mine





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