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  1. ChaseYoung

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    15 IGN: ChaseYoung
  2. ChaseYoung

    Discord Profile Chibi - OPEN

    give me a slot if there's still an available one. thanks
  3. ChaseYoung

    S>Random Gears

  4. ChaseYoung

    S>Random Gears

    Sorry I literally just sold this. Thanks for the interest tho.
  5. ChaseYoung

    S>Random Gears

  6. ChaseYoung

    S>Random Gears

  7. ChaseYoung

    S>Random Gears

  8. ChaseYoung

    S>Random Gears

  9. ChaseYoung

    S>Random Gears

    Be advise that most items are "negotiable". Not in a rush to sell. If the item is not marked with sold or (sold) then that means it is still available. Gears for sale are as follows: Weapons +8 Naght (b) [clean] +8 Book Of The Dead [clean] Tome Of Ymir [Drac3x] Djinn [Drops2x Injustice] Ice Pick [Dop] Bazerald (Dex2/Dex1) Armors Sleipnir [LT] +4 FA [Agav] Int3 +7 FA [RSX]Dex3 Beach Mant [Leak] OVH [SK] Valk Armor [ED] Valk Armor [Clean] RG [DI] Int Wind Armor [Marc] Water Armor [Marc] Def2 Drag Vest [ED] Hit12 Bris [Clean] Book of Charms [Gtb] Costumes Poring Soap Pipe Costume Catalina Von Brad 60 II Dowry Jack Skellington Rucksack Shura King's Pledge Evil Druid Magical Head Dress There is Something Wild Poring Rider Cards Ghostring Atros Drops 2x Jakk Salamander 2x Green Ferus Imp Pets (all loyal) Taini Egg Baby Desert Wolf Acidus Baby Leopard PM best offer here, or mail me in game Ign: ChaseYoung Thanks in advance and yall have a nice day.
  10. ChaseYoung

    B> Def gears

    +7 Ebone [Garm] Def4 Kris[Drac]Def7 Leave offer
  11. ChaseYoung

    S> Aria Headdress Costume

    this still available? lol
  12. ChaseYoung

    B> items

  13. ChaseYoung

    B> items

  14. ChaseYoung

    S >> +7 C.Kaho (Vanagard Helm Kaho) = offer

    pm sent
  15. ChaseYoung

    B> items