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  1. sexykisser

    Halloween Main House Quest Guide

    Thank you for this guide! Done! 😀
  2. sexykisser

    The Amazing Summer Race 2018 Summer Event

    Looks special w/ my Bapho Kaho. Like dangling earrings -Survival Orb Costume- "Pro Box"
  3. ingame name heralLUNA pm after 30 mins
  4. sexykisser

    Sniper Build/Gear Progression

    This is very helpful for me, I am reading all the way from the top because I am also confused what to buy next after LKH, so I have this +4 Sniping Suit w/o Gloom then I decided to take mid headgear first with gryph then pirate dagger,was wondering if there is a slotted headgear for low section. Preparing for Artemis is kinda hard, stucked in sting for farming. Is there any other area with high drop rates and you can sell it for good price? Been using my +5 Elven Bow [clean] so that sucks...lol... And does anyone knows the effects of Anti-Small Sleipnir and what card is that? Thanks