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  1. This is probably one of my most favorite events the team has come up with yet. Please keep them coming! I'm really inspired to find something around here, where's some creativity when I need it, brain?! @Kurivivi you look so dapper I wanna cry, @Plasmapheresis I'll be seeing you in my nightmares
  2. Mimi's Kitten Caboodle is clearly a vintage collector's item!
  3. Good job on all these cute entries so far everyone! Keep them coming! I want to eat them all
  4. ~❤️ Happy February, Talonians! ❤️~ What's that aroma in the air? Is it LOVE? HAHA NO, silly! It's cakes, pastries, brownies, and cookies! ....filled with love. Okay, you kind of got it right. Here at TalonRO, we don't believe in merely just taking one day in particular to prove your love, we're gonna stretch it all the way till March so everyone gets the chance to show the world what they can create! Three exceptional Talonians will win top prizes for creating a delicious treat for their loved ones, judged by looks, deliciousness, recipe explanations, and overall quality! The only catch is: You have to bake this with your love of someone in mind! Tell us who you want to "give" your creation to; It could be another player, a GM, an NPC, even a monster or pet! So show us the shape of your heart with the power of BAKED GOODS! ~❤️ The Rules ❤️~ ❤ Include your In Game Name in your post and in the picture (on a piece of paper, for example). ❤ You must include photos of your finished baked good/dessert. The finished product photo is absolutely required! ❤ Keep a connection to tRO in mind. Don't just make a normal dessert and give it an RO name - there must be a clear tRO theme and explain the connection if it isn't immediately obvious. ❤ Make sure your recipe is HAND CRAFTED BY YOU. You can be inspired by online recipes or choices, but make sure you post the entire recipe you've used and make it RO-themed somehow! ❤ Name your creation! ❤ Include your IGN or Forum name hand-written somewhere in the photograph so we know it was made by you. ❤ When you are baking, make sure you include both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures. ❤ You are baking this with someone in mind, so please state in your post or in the picture itself whom you are baking this creation for! It can be another player, a GM, an NPC, a monster - You get the idea! ❤ Lastly, this is a Bake-Off! So be sure to make this a baked good and focus on the dessert quality. If this particular dessert you choose is still considered a treat and doesn't require any real baking, that's fine! You can get creative! ~❤️ The Example ❤️~ GM Cherri has baked us all an excellent tutorial on how this event runs, so take a good look and take in those extreme baking talents! ~❤️ Prizes ❤️~ Choose the shape of your love! If you're one of the top 3 winners, you get to make choices! PM GM Cherri or GM Mimi what your preferences are. The 3 Best Contestants Receive: ❤ Balooling Pet OR Eggring Pet! ❤ An exclusive GM box from a GM of your choice, as a gift from us, to you! ❤ 15 TC ❤ Box of Chocolates! The two Runner-Ups recieve: ❤ 15 TC ❤ Box of Chocolates! Participation Prize for all valid Entries: ❤ Box of Chocolates! ~❤️ Extra Challenges ❤️~ Choose only one! +2 TC, no matter what you pick! GM Mimi "Notice Me Senpai!": Include a convincing or funny love confession to the recipient of your dessert, or write a poem! GM Cherri "Chocolate Isn't Good for Robots!": Your dish CANNOT have any chocolate in it! (Gasp!) GM Radius "To Love is to Potate Sweetly": Include Sweet potatoes in your dessert. GM Phoenix "Burn with Passion!": Flambé, brûlée that dessert! Include fire torching or candles of some kind - but be careful! Only do this if you are experienced and are over the age of 16. GM Mikzie "Capture the Essence of Young Love!": Include a nostalgic story with your recipe. GM Zelda "Personalize That Perfect Gift!": Bake something for your favourite GM. Make sure to fit their personality in your dish! GM Haru "Capture the Essence of Spring!": Make those winter woes wash away by giving your dessert a beautiful spring vibe! GM Kuma "Bear-ly Contain that Love for your Honey": Include Honey. Or Puns. But if you pick puns, you'd better make a lot of them in the name of the recipe AND while typing up that recipe. GM Luna "Your Heart is Mine!": The final form of your dessert should take on a heart shape. GM Neza "Playing Matcha-Maker!": Matcha must be used somehow in your final creation! GM Spica "Butter Them Up!": Include butter/buttercream in your recipe. GM Elixia "I Love you Berry Much!": Include any berries in your recipe. ~❤️ Deadline ❤️~ The contest ends on February 28, 2018 The GMs reserve the right to pick no or less winners if there aren't enough entries. Using multiple forum accounts or cheating not only disqualifies you but bans you from tRO!
  5. I found a picture of you up to something nefarious!


  6. We're in the last stretch for the loading screen contest! Be sure to submit your entry ASAP if you're one of those last-minute folks! ;D

  7. Omg these are starting to look so good I'm so happy to see entries in this short span of time! Keep them coming, guys! They look great!
  8. Fall 2017 Loading and Login Screen Contest! Well, hello there, Talonians! It's really quite something how quickly the year can pass by! 9/10 Talonians agree that Fall is a great time of year, full of food, fun, perfect weather, and pumpkin everything. The GM team needs your help to get everyone in the Autumn spirit - get those drawing tablets and scanners ready, because it's time for a login/loading screen contest! Glory and prizes await to all those who participate! All Entries must be TalonRO themed - Aim for anything related to fall or Halloween! Minimum Size 1280 x 960 pixels, the size can be higher but please ensure it maintains the same aspect ratio (4:3) All artwork must be 100% original. Artwork from other websites and sources is not allowed, but screenshots you have taken on TalonRO can be used to support your main image. Entries may be done traditionally or digitally. You may submit more than one entry but you can only win once, so if you'd like to post additional entries, please edit your original post. WIPs are welcome but don’t forget to edit your post with the final piece before the deadline. In order to make a submission, simply post it in this topic and make sure to include your In-Game Name. You can also use the TalonRO official logo Here and Here. Using it for loading screens is not required. For the login screens it is. Login Screen Winners (2 Entries) The return of the Casual Pope Pet!!! 30 Talon Coins October Monthly Box Loading Screen Winners (4 Entries) More Popes?! Be still your beating heart! 15 Talon Coins October Monthly Box Runner-ups October Monthly Box The contest deadline is October 29, 2017! Good luck everyone, go get your art on! The GM team has the right to select no winners if no valid entries are submitted
  9. Oh boy, it's nearly October! That means Halloween! *-*

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    2. yujinori


      BLACKJACK!!!! /fsh 

    3. GM Naus

      GM Naus


    4. SkyeReed


      Then Christmas!!! lol

  10. Hope you all had fun! Until next time.~


  11. Congrats everyone! Your screenshots were lovely.
  12. #teamlightmode

  13. I can't believe it's already been slightly over a year here already GMing for TalonRO /omg  I look forward to what adventures await this year! /lv 

    1. GM Spica

      GM Spica

      It's a pleasure working alongside you Mimi, keep on rocking! /fsh

    2. Hazzarr


      They're growing up so fast ? Right ?

  14. @Carawolk 's profile picture currently is a card.

    Every single time I see it, some strange, deep seated, primal urge seems to occur within me.

    Does anyone else have that problem? Are we all just conditioned to have our heart race every time we see a card? /rice
    (It's okay, I still love you Carawolk.)

    1. Carawolk


      It's the best clickbait I could find, I am just glad it works to some extent <3

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