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  1. This is probably one of my most favorite events the team has come up with yet. Please keep them coming! I'm really inspired to find something around here, where's some creativity when I need it, brain?! @Kurivivi you look so dapper I wanna cry, @Plasmapheresis I'll be seeing you in my nightmares
  2. Fall 2017 Loading and Login Screen Contest! Well, hello there, Talonians! It's really quite something how quickly the year can pass by! 9/10 Talonians agree that Fall is a great time of year, full of food, fun, perfect weather, and pumpkin everything. The GM team needs your help to get everyone in the Autumn spirit - get those drawing tablets and scanners ready, because it's time for a login/loading screen contest! Glory and prizes await to all those who participate! All Entries must be TalonRO themed - Aim for anything related to fall or Halloween! Minimum Size 1280 x 960 pixels, the size can be higher but please ensure it maintains the same aspect ratio (4:3) All artwork must be 100% original. Artwork from other websites and sources is not allowed, but screenshots you have taken on TalonRO can be used to support your main image. Entries may be done traditionally or digitally. You may submit more than one entry but you can only win once, so if you'd like to post additional entries, please edit your original post. WIPs are welcome but don’t forget to edit your post with the final piece before the deadline. In order to make a submission, simply post it in this topic and make sure to include your In-Game Name. You can also use the TalonRO official logo Here and Here. Using it for loading screens is not required. For the login screens it is. Login Screen Winners (2 Entries) The return of the Casual Pope Pet!!! 30 Talon Coins October Monthly Box Loading Screen Winners (4 Entries) More Popes?! Be still your beating heart! 15 Talon Coins October Monthly Box Runner-ups October Monthly Box The contest deadline is October 29, 2017! Good luck everyone, go get your art on! The GM team has the right to select no winners if no valid entries are submitted
  3. Hi, this is the wrong place for this kind of request. This report section is for reporting players breaking rules. Please send your query in via a "Support Ticket" which is found on the main forum list so an admin can handle anything related to donations and account recovery, thanks.
  4. Congrats everyone! Your screenshots were lovely.
  5. @+Karen+ I see what you're doing there and my body is ready. I hope we get lots of entries!
  6. The results are in, everyone! There were many amazing Cookoff entries, each one showcasing an incredible and fun amount of creativity, artistic expression, and deliciousness! Your GM team has voted on their favorites, and we are delighted and surprised to announce the winners were all very close in running. So much, in fact - there was a tie for third! Without further delay, here are our top four winners of the Autumn 2016 Cookoff! ~ First Prize ~ @+Karen+ There's no denying that this meal looks attractive both to the eyes and to the taste buds! Not only does the food look delicious, but the obvious thought put into the presentation and atmosphere given with the meal makes it fun and attractive! I'm not sure what I'd want to try first - the swirly mountain of potatoes, or all that red berry ooze coming out from the dessert... Tied together with a cute little theme with a story, this meal managed to win the GM team's hearts! ~ Second Prize ~ @Ribbet The monster theme was strong with this one! Merely just looking at the ensemble makes me feel like I'm turning into a Smokie, because everything looks so yummy! The face in the soup was adorable and just merely by looking at that salad, I can only imagine the flavor and texture must be unique and delicious. Combine that with the adorable cookie that comes with the overwhelming urge to dunk it in that mug, this entry was fantastic! ~ Third Prize ~ @Scotky Tro and @Yhonona The only thing more fun than having three incredible winners, is having four incredible winners! Both of these dishes have their own unique appeal - Scotky's entry makes me want to shoo the fall and winter weather away and find the nearest beach so I can start digging into that pineapple, put on my shades, and sip that Red Potion. No Condor is safe now that I have my sights on this recipe! Yhonona, your entry is a prime example of how food can be made into art! The Pandaring curry and your sleeping teddy look almost too cute to eat - thankfully, I am merciless when it comes to food and if I could I would devour their adorable faces. ~ Congratulations to all of our winners! If you need a reminder of what you've earned with your cooking, here's the list of prizes. Keep an eye on your mailbox ingame - it'll be bursting with goodies soon enough! @+Karen+ : 20x TC / Petite Chef Hat / Lv. 10 Cookbook / Fantastic Cooking Kit / 6x Bonus TC! @Ribbet : 20x TC / Lv. 10 Cookbook / 7x Bonus TC! @Scotky Tro : 15x TC / Lv. 10 Cookbook / 8x Bonus TC! @Yhonona : 15x TC / Lv. 10 Cookbook / 9x Bonus TC! And, all valid participants will also receive a Lv. 10 food bundle! Thank you, everyone! We hope you enjoyed this cookoff and congratulations to our winners and all our participants for making such a fun and delicious event a success. We also cannot express how much fun it was reading the stories and screenshots you all created with your entries to add an extra level of humor and fun to this event. Give all our participants a pat on the back and beg them to express ship a few meals to your house. We can hardly wait until the next one...
  7. As stated earlier to another player: Your entry isn't valid. You used google images to create this image, thus you won't be eligible to participate or earn prizes. Please create your own original drawing in order to participate. On a lighter note: Oh my goodness I am loving these entries, this is my favorite contest for advent so far! There's so many cute and clever entries.
  8. @Artist That's super super cuute! Look at the rules real quick though: Assuming you kept a version of your picture before you expanded the card border we supplied, just shrink it down to 300 x 400 so it fits in the original card border and edit your post so it's a valid entry. Edit: Nice work! Your lines were already so clean and crisp, that smaller size makes your artwork look so sharp
  9. @Claire Est That Lunatic looks so mad. It must be in a hurry.
  10. Check Spica's rule carefully: This entry is an example of being invalid. This image was not hand-drawn by you and it was copied from a google image. If you wish to submit a valid entry into the contest, your art must be original and do not include your character name inside the drawing, putting it in your post is good enough.
  11. Thank you everyone for your amazing entries! I'm glad we could squeeze in a few more last minute recipes. The GM team looks forward to reviewing all your amazing creations and once we've carefully decided our winners, we'll announce it via a new thread!
  12. I am LOVING these last-minute entries! >w< So happy there's still more coming in~ only two hours left!
  13. @Fifi You have won my approval needed for the GM Like part of the entry! What a well-thought out story with so many fun screenshots. Also omg that poor Miming. It's too cute to eat. AND @Kiwee THOSE PECO TENDERS LOOK SO DELICIOUS I LOVE CHICKEN HRRNGH nice payon theme~ I am so proud of all these entries in this thread, everything looks so amazing and I love this turnout! Just one day left!
  14. Just FOUR more days to submit an entry, every-nyan! Hurry up and FEED MY EYEBALLS- I mean participate for cool prizes!
  15. This is not a situation where we take action because this is via PM which you can easily /ex the player. Also, While leveling your Homunculus or using Alchemist plants, it is your responsibility to find a spot which does not disturb other players on the map. If you are standing/sitting in the middle of the road or important corners, expect your monsters to be hit by other players. The KS rule only applies to Homunculi and Plants when sitting in a place that is not a disturbance to other players. I notice you're standing in a fairly open area. Pretty much just ignore the guy and move on since it's a one-time instance. If you took multiple screenshots of him harassing you/killstealing feel free to re-open a report.
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