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  1. Welcome! I've been on TalonRO for a little bit longer than you (~3 weeks), and I agree I am not turning back anytime soon! Great community!! I'm sure I will be seeing you around in Odin!
  2. jeez 4 brooches!! Papampam07 please rub some of that luck off on me!
  3. tact

    Hello :)

    Thanks everyone looking forward to crossing paths in the future!!
  4. PC > +5 GEC Bunny Slippers Anyone have an idea what these would sell for? Also anyone interested? Thanks in advanced
  5. tact

    Hello :)

    Hey, I thought I might as well introduce myself! My name is Cash and i live in Las Vegas. I haven’t played RO in about 10 years. So excited to have come across this great server and community. I’ve been on this server now for about 3 weeks and loving it! Everyone I have met has been extremely nice and fun! I have a sniper and hwiz whom I main! I have out in Dewata if anyone ever wants to hang out or party somewhere. sniper: tactx hwiz: tact-
  6. Rough price estimate?
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